Out there

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Kris: Good morning! Don’t stress out about making plans with me. I know u want to do things (sex especially…wink!) as much as me. But I know u have a lot on your plate…especially being stressed out by job. So take your time. don’t worry about me. I’ll just sit here “crying in my beer” (without any beer to even cry in). KIDDING! 7:00 AM
Kris: “Survive” your “fun” meetings and don’t let the bastards beat u down. Hugs! Kris. 7:02 AM
Me: Good morning! Thanks for your patience and support. It means a lot! Have a great day! 7:08 AM
Kris: You too! Mwah! 7:09 AM
Kris: Hope u r surviving the day so far. I have a busy day, have to work until 7:30. then to gym. then home…probably too late to chat. W definitely gone as of this morning. Any last minute opportunity pops up for any kind of visit (including other than sex) let me know. Only a short bike ride away! 🙂 But again…don’t stress. no pressure. 🙂 11:20 AM
Me: Hiya! I just used one of my mental tricks… things got to be “too much” for me after 3 hrs of meetings, so I went to the bathroom and “went away” in my mind to my SOFA with you. 🙂 12:25 PM
Kris: Wow! Hope it made u feel bettah!…least for a little while. 🙂 1:43 PM
Me: Looked at calendar. Two possibilities. My place Wed, or dinner w Hubby and my place Th? Or other plans either wed or th or both ? 5:11 PM
Kris: Can do both! Wed (tomorrow, right?) AND Thurs! if u think u can put up with that much of me! Let me know! 5:23 PM
Me: Yay! 5:25 PM
Kris: 🙂  U make me laugh. so what’s happening when? sex one night, dinner with a man another then fuck his wife after?! O…M…G!!!!……SO “OUT THERE” for little old me. Holy Shit….try to go easy on me. Good thing I work out, otherwise might have a heart attack! 😉 5:33 PM
Kris: may have been premature in saying yes to Thurs. asked W to take off Thurs night thru Fri but maybe she can try to get off Sat just this weekend. I’ll check with her and get back to u. tomorrow’s definite. get back to u about Thurs 7:43 PM
Me: I was wondering how that would work this week. No worries, standing by. 7:44 PM
Kris: W going to ask for Fri & Sat off….so let’s plan for me to visit Thurs too. If she gets it off can stay as late as is good for u in Thurs. If not, still want to come, just have to leave maybe a tad earlier. So what’s up for each night? 10:46 PM
Me: Hiya! We can do whatever but my thought is toys fun for you Wed. Then dinner with H Thursday and more fun. 10:50 PM
Kris: Sounds fun! Where would dinner be? H going out after? Just got home from gym. Gonna jump in shower (picture it 😉 U gonna be up a bit or going to bed? 10:58 PM
Me: Yay! Still thinking about dinner… need combo of food, a little privacy, not too far away as he has rehearsal at 7:30 pm. Mmm… shower. You have fun in there? I am off to bed… sooo tired. Tomorrow and tomorrow! Mwah! 11:09 PM
Kris: No fun in shower… waiting for fun with u! I’m tired too. 5:30 tomorrow? Mwah! 11:12 PM

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