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Thursday, June 5, 2014
Good morning!   Had a great visitor last night!   Meet #11 with the guy!  We had two firsts – watched porn together and tried all my toys!  The bullet was fun!  The rest eh.

8:25am Phil 

Oh cool! Sounds fabulous! Glad you had fun!
1:40pm Phil
Bullet sounds fun. First time with the toys, right?

Was sad that it wasn’t you…
2:00pm Phil 
Guarantee that would have been fun. I have had the pleasure before. The Beach Gal really likes toys and liked me to watch or join in. Fred is a little shy about that but happy to use them on me. Two very different women.

I am not usually a “clit gal”, more of a g-spot, vaginal thrill person.  So I was surprised the bullet on my clit was the best.  My guy never played with any before, but was very fun figuring them out and paying attention to what worked and what didn’t on me.  I’ll see if I get to play with them on him next time.  What is best fun for you, so I can try that on him?
2:11pm Phil 
The vibration on my balls feels amazing while being sucked or stroked. If he is not freaked out about anal, the vibration anywhere near is wonderful. Having a dildo in your ass going at the same rhythm as a hand or mouth, oh geez. They also feel good in nipples. Pressed against the head of his cock will make him twitch too. I think the direct pressure from the bullet is what makes that so good. Neither girl is a clit girl. Both like it deep and hard.

Thanks!  Those seem doable.  Makes me hot reading that… want to try it out right now!
Boss is out sick today.  Such a relief!

2:19pm Phil 
That’s always a good thing. Just pay attention. You will know by his breathing and movements what he likes and does not like. Boys are not hard to figure out


He tends to be quiet… I am working on him that it’s okay to moan, groan or even talk!

2:23pm Phil 

Ah, then body language, his balls will draw up, cock will twitch, if he pulls away when you get near his ass you know.

We’ve done some ass play.  He’s fine, likes that.
2:26pm Phil 
Oh cool

I’m so glad I have someone to talk to about this stuff!  Thank you ever so much!

3:20pm Phil 

always a pleasure my dear
3:36pm Phil
Happy to discuss what I like, don’t like, what feels good and how. I’m not shy. Talked to a recently divorced guy this morning, he described himself as divorce poor. His advice was unless you hate her, don’t do it. I have finally arrived at a point where I am comfortable financially and I’m going to go back to struggling if I go. That sucks. 34 years complicates things and the fact that she does not work really fucks me over.

9:32pm Phil 

[photo of him in a sweatshirt smiling]

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