Meet #11 P0rn & Toys

June 4, 2014 Wednesday
Today marks two months since we met at PF Chang’s and necked in the parking garage!


Me: Guess you missed my 8 pm text that said I was going to bed. Sorry! Woke up at 2:30 am… heh. Have a wonderful Wednesday! 5:06 AM
Kris: Sorry it wasn’t me that was there to wake u up at 2:30… 😉 No text about u goin to bed…just about shopping together at Shaw’s tonite for dinner. I woke up laughing thinkin bout that. I thought: “She trusts me enough to fuck me…but not to just pick up a ‘few things’ at Shaws”…lol. “Wonderful Wednesday” starts bout 4:30…when I get to hop on my bike and head toward you! Glad u went to bed…sucky work draining you? I cant “kiss it and make it all bettah”…but i CAN kiss you ALL OVER and will be SOON! 🙂 6:02 AM
Kris: Good morning sunshine! Hope u have a good day. Been thinkin of u a lot…be good to see u soon! Kris 9:11 AM
Me: Leaving work! What’s your ETA? 5:01 PM
Kris: 5:45 depending on traffic. leaving work now…where do u want me to meet u? 5:04 PM
Kris: I have veggies to eat but could meet u at shaws if u still want to. on bike 5:06 PM
Kris: Gonna ride now…will stop in a bit to check your message. 🙂 5:07 PM
Me: Come to my place. 5:08 PM
Me: I’m home! Ready! 5:37 PM
Kris: K…here…at garage door! 5:51 PM
Me: Be right down! 5:51 PM
Kris: 🙂 5:52 PM
Kris and I had a fun time at my place tonight.  He rolled into the garage on his motorcycle about 6 pm.  I met him down there.  We kissed in the elevator.  
We talked as he made himself supper in my kitchen.  He chopped veggies into a bowl and added salad dressing.  I ate a sandwich from Savenor’s. We sat on the couch together and talked and talked! 
We tried two things tonight that I’d never done:
1) P0rn
He wanted to watch p0rn together, so I sat at my computer and he stood behind me massaging my back and I pulled up my favorites gifs and short videos.  It didn’t go so well, even though he said they were good, taught him more about my likes, and were making him hot.  I couldn’t see his face or touch him. 
2) Toys
We moved to the bedroom.  He said he wanted to try my toys.  So he got my big towel, spread it on the bed and settled me on it.  He got out my toys and the lube from under my desk.  He sat on the edge of the bed experimenting as he leaned over me.

We tried the bullet first, on my clit.  He rubbed it back and forth slowly, then held it on the spot, pressing gently.  It had a very good effect – I had a shot of serious tingles.

Next we tried the little purple vibes and the stunt cock inside me… not much. I was surprised. I think of myself as a “g-spot gal” so I expected the big internal toys to set me off.  But it was the little clit toy that caused the biggest tingle!  

He asked me to slide over – he got flat beside me and then got behind me and tried to come up from underneath but he couldn’t get hard.  So he asked me to suck on him until he was hard.  That worked!  He was behind again, underneath, pounding away until he came!  Whee! 
He took off about 10:15 pm.  He drove around the front as he left, and I heard him toot his horn with Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” blasting from the motorcycle’s speakers!  He is so silly and sweet! 


Kris: When I go past your place, do I turn left or right to head home? 10:30 PM

Me: Left 10:31 PM

Kris: K…Mwah! 10:32 PM

Kris: Out. you’ll hear: toot ta ta toot toot toot as I go under your balcony…Alfalfa. 10:42 PM

Me: I heard you! And the music! Mwah! 10:44 PM

Kris: The silly things a girl has to put up with just to get laid…eah? if u can keep putting up with my lame efforts to get u off.  I wouldn’t worry about me losing interest cuz you’re “not different to me anymore.” So relax…like you’re helping me to. I’m just jealous of your phone sex boyfriends… at least they get u off! 😉  Jealous Spanky. 11:55 PM

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