Meet #9 Worthwhile Wednesday

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Kris: fyi…i’m blowing off my mom’s b-day party tonight to b with u…but don’t let it worry you…just enjoy… 😉  9:02 AM

Kris: sitting in boring group meeting. how’s your day goin? 10:00 AM

Me: Crazy busy – prepping for return of boss tomorrow 10:43 AM

Kris: ugh…all good things must come to an end, eh? 10:46 AM

Me: Can you really skip your mom’s party? There won’t be many more… 10:48 AM

Kris: trying to get rid of me?! it’s fine…explain later. 10:53 AM

Kris: just got out of meeting…mom will have lots of family around. she loves me but is very “independent/low maintenance” mom (no demands or expectations-very “others-centered”…like u 🙂 ) just did big cookout /spent whole day with her on Mother’s Day…wife bringing card & gift from both of us. I’ll call and tell her Happy B-day but can’t make it. she’ll be fine…and so will I so chill oh sweet and caring one. (Whatcha gonna do if I wanna spend whole weekend-“adventure” get-away with ya sometime? Ask sis to fill in with mom? 😉 11:21 AM

Kris: prep for bitchy-boss return “rolling along” (as u say 😉 ? 12:35 PM

Me: Just spent 4.5 hrs on a task she said should take an hour, and I’m only 2/3rds done. 1:35 PM

Kris: “lovely” 🙁 2:03 PM

Kris: need your home address…have bike and didn’t save yet in bike gps 4:02 PM

Me: [my street address] 4:03 PM

Kris: thanks! i’m sitting outside enjoying weather. day get any bettah? my guess is boss will return with stupid comment like “what took u so long to do such and such?”… the world is filled with stupid people…sucks when one of ’em is your boss. hope I’ll be a little “comfort/distraction” from it all…if just for a little while  4:21 PM


Kris: Hangin at Dunkin Donuts across the street. let me know when coast is clear… 🙂 6:49 PM

Me: You need some quiet time or want me to stroll over and chat until he leaves? 6:51 PM

Kris: Walkin to shaw’s…pee (lol)…buy “dinner” (fruit,etc)…need anything while i’m
here?…he’s leaving soon right? 6:55 PM

Me: Supposed to go about 7:15 pm. His lady is being dropped off here. 6:56 PM

Kris: No need to come over…i’ll just pick up few things…need anything? 7:00 PM

Me: Your gorgeous cock in my mouth? Nothing else. 😉 7:02 PM

Kris: Lol 7:02 PM

Me: Hubby is going to the garage! 7:09 PM

Me: I will meet you down there. 7:10 PM

Kris: K…still at shaw’s…give me couple…text when i’m back on bike 7:11 PM

Kris: Ready!…on way to garage! 7:30 PM

Me: Hubby will get you into garage. I’ll meet you down there. 7:30 PM

Kris: K 7:32 PM


Hubby had a date with one of his ladies, so I invited Kris over for a visit. 
He arrived at 7:30 pm.  He had gotten to the area earlier and gone shopping at the grocery store nearby.  Hubby let him into the garage as he went out on his date, then I met him to bring him up in the elevator.  
He made himself dinner of chopped tomatoes and broccoli with ranch dressing.  We sat in the living room and talked while he ate, and then a while longer.  We talked about our mothers.  They are both 88!  He brought a jar of instant coffee to “leave for other visits.”  I showed him where it would live on a top shelf and he helped himself to a cup, kissing me as he went back and forth to deal with it.  At 8:30 pm I told him I could not wait anymore and told him to take his coffee into the bedroom!  He told me he was not particularly horny when he arrived but that I had changed that.  
We helped each other undress.  I adore that we still do that.  He gave me a lovely back rub!  Most men won’t take the time to do that, but he is so good to me!  He segued to more sexy play.  We have been puzzling about what might make me cum, and we tried some of those things.  He pounded me from behind, which is very good for me. I had fun and got closer than I have before.  He also did some “heels on the shoulders” front position stuff, but he presses my legs forward, which is not comfortable.  He did a lovely bit of oral with his fingers, which again got me very close.  He keeps trying to play with my clit, which is what works for his wife, but I mostly don’t want to be touched directly there so it’s tough for him to “play a different song” as he calls it.  He has great stamina but didn’t climax either.  
Toward the end of all this I was looking at the ceiling, wishing it could be over.  I talked to him about talking more during sex.  He is eerily quiet.  I want to know what he is going to do, so I can anticipate, and how what I am doing makes him feel, and hear some moans maybe?  I’d enjoy hearing it and it might keep my demure side from making me think non-sexy thoughts. I have never been with someone who is so interested in making me cum and so impossible at it! 

I finished him off with my hands and mouth.  He had talked about doing that just until he was hard then having me ride him, but I did such a good job that he exploded and I swallowed and that was that.  His wife called and he decided he’d better leave to beat her home.  So he dressed and gave me a hug.  I didn’t get dressed… to keep tantalizing him a bit longer.  He noticed!  He commented on how fun it was that he was clothed and I was still naked and how decadent that was.  He left about 9:45 pm.  So wonderful to make such good use of my evening!


Kris: U should go out in your balcony and wave goodbye…almost ready to leave garage…i’ll stop to wave after pulling into shopping parking lot 10:06 PM

Kris: Oh well…guess you’re busy…sleep well hot wet Sassy…Mwah!!! 10:15 PM

Me: Sorry! Was in the bathroom! Hope you had a great trip home. Thanks again for visiting! 10:25 PM


Kris: Trip was fine…dropping off bike at shed…15 minutes from home…pleasure was mostly mine! (But we’re going to figure out how to change that! Know any good stories I can tell u? 😉 11:15 PM

Me: Friend of a friend interested in Mom’s car! Please let him buy it! 11:17 PM

Kris: YES!…Good luck! 11:18 PM

Kris: Fyi…no viagra tonight…can’t tell if it helps or not…think it’s mostly “in my head”…i wasn’t feeling particularly horny before getting to your house…but you have a way of changing that…you Sassy girl you! 11:52 PM

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