So alive

Thursday, May 15, 2014
5/15, 4:12am Phil
Awesome!  Sounds fun!
5/15, 6:11am Phil
Morning, have a great day!  Cabaret is so much fun! Glad you enjoyed!

[photo of him in a dress shirt and tie, smiling at me]
5/15, 7:04am
Good morning!  Up early prepping for the cleaners.  Have a fantastic day!

5/15, 7:47am Phil
You too sweetie.  Gonna bend a red head over a pool table later today. Always a fun activity      
5/15, 7:59am
I can’t explain how happy it makes me that you have something like that to look foward to!

5/15, 1:42pm Phil
It’s nice, just having fun together. She looks good in tight jeans though. Going to see a lawyer about what a divorce will cost in terms of assets and money. I need to know and I also need to know what I can get a place for and see what this will cost me. 
5/15, 2:37pm
Yay!  Great to see you taking concrete steps.  Information is power.

5/15, 2:55pm Phil
I agree. At least I’ll be informed
5/15, 4:40pm Phil
[photo of him at a winery his arm around Fred]
5/15, 4:41pm
Awww… you two look so good.  Having fun?      
5/15, 4:43pm Phil
[photo of Fred sitting at an outside bar with him behind her holding her shoulders.]
5/15, 4:57pm Phil
We are. This is so nice 
5/15, 7:25pm Phil
Dear god this is nice

5/15, 7:26pm
What is good about it?         
5/15, 7:29pm Phil
So stimulating on a physical, mental, emotional level. Body is amazing, southern accent drives me crazy. Great kisser, amazing soft hands
5/15, 7:32pm
Let that balance the bad stuff, get you motivated to get things done and BE WITH HER!

5/15, 7:33pm Phil
She had a hand full of my cock and oh man     
5/15, 7:34pm
You could have that every day… boggles the mind, eh?

5/15, 7:48pm Phil
Oh my god, we chatted and flirted for 4 hours, just amazing
5/15, 7:48pm
Get packing.
5/15, 8:09pm Phil
: )
5/15, 9:26pm Phil
Feel so alive and so happy to be alive

5/15, 9:26pm

5/15, 9:26pm Phil
Been awhile.

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