Live and learn

Thursday, May 8, 2014
5/8, 7:40am
Good morning!   Oh my…

5/8, 8:38am Phil
Good morning! Have a wonderful day!
5/8, 8:49am
Heading back to work. Yippee   
5/8, 9:05am Phil

5/8, 9:05am Phil
[photo of his naked chest, shoulders and smiling face]
5/8, 9:06am
Yum!  You are so sexy! Thanks kid.
5/8, 9:06am Phil
Thank you. I like this one. Silly

[photo of Fred and him, sitting around a fire pit at a big hotel, with her in his arms]
5/8, 9:15am
Awwww… you two are so fun!
5/8, 9:15am Phil
That was at the Dell in San Diego. We look good together

[This told me that he had flown her out to be with him on one of his work trips.  And kept it from me.  Something I have always wanted to do… offered to do and he has never shown any interest.  Sigh.  Another crushing blow to my heart.  Another loud and clear signal that things were never as I thought they were…ah, well…live and learn?]

5/8, 12:55pm Phil
Hope its a quiet relaxed day at work. Hectic here but I like it. At the end of the day, I get to hear a sexy voice and that’s very cool.

5/8, 1:12pm
Busy but manageable.   They re-arranged the office while I was out.  You are a lucky man.
5/8, 1:28p Phil
Yeah I believe I am

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