Gloucester Day

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
5/7, 9:04am
Good morning!  Here’s to a great Wednesday!

 Sorry I dozed off early last night.  I am enjoying your photos this morning!

 I’m home again today avoiding the boss.  She leaves for Hawaii tonight!    

5/7, 9:26am Phil
Well enjoy your day!
 Glad you enjoyed the pix
5/7, 6:24pm Phil
Been having unbelievable phone sex via text all day. Holy shit!
 All I could do not to cum in my pants

5/7, 6:32pm Phil
strap-ons, dildos, tongues, fingers, dicks in asses, ball sucking, teasing for hours,
5/7, 6:37pm
Nice!  I know you like that.
5/7, 7:00pm Phil
Oh mamma… She said come home, hold me and fuck the shit out of me over and over?  Am I misinterpreting something?

5/7, 7:03pm
Seems pretty clear!  Is this Beach Gal?
5/7, 7:13pm Phil
No, this is Fred. I was like holy shit!  Beach Gal is quiet as a church mouse and still very happy.  She is taking him home to me her family.  Fred was off the chart and hot hot hot
5/7, 7:14pm
When can you hold her?
5/7, 7:27pm Phil
What do I do with that?! Saturday.

5/7, 7:32pm
Enjoy it?

5/7, 7:34pm Phil
This is the prototypical sweet southern girl who is a wild cat in the sack, happy to ride down the road flashing her incredible assets, happy to walk the beach naked, turns every head when she walks in the room. Looks amazing in 6 inch heels, love motorcycles and boats, another beach girl, cooks like a gourmet chef        
5/7, 7:36pm
Make a list of what you need to pack.
Go home to her (tell wife “flight delayed”) then pack and roll?
5/7, 7:38pm Phil
My Mom loves her, she’s a dancer – so very flexible, loves anal, giving and receiving, and loves the hell out of me.

I thought of that too

5/7, 7:39pm
So why not? Can you live with her day to day?
5/7, 7:45pm
Anyone has to be better than your wife…
5/7, 7:54pm
I’m out at LobstaLand in Gloucester.     
5/7, 7:56pm Phil
I thought of that too.

I can live with her. Love her to death. I would be spoiled rotten.  She would not piss away my money, let the house be dirty or ever let me come home without lavishing love on me.

Lobster! Awesome!

5/7, 8:01pm
Make it so.
5/7, 8:10pm
See photos on my wall!  Om nom nom. Driving home now
 Kitchen where they make candy 
at Nichols Candy House, Gloucester 
 Nichols Candy House, Gloucester 
 Nichols Candy House, Gloucester 
 The view of the inlet from Nichols Candy House, Gloucester 
  The view of the inlet from Nichols Candy House, Gloucester 
 My favorite lobster place!
 The tide is out!
 Classic clam chowder
 Seared Ahi Tun
Lazy man lobster 
5/7, 8:33pm Phil
Looks amazing!
So you think I should fuck the hot red head over and over and over?
I’d let her fuck me too          
5/7, 8:46pm
You should do exactly what you want!
5/7, 9:56pm Phil
Believe I want to fuck the girl again and again and again

[photo of him with a beer smiling at me]
5/7, 10:05pm
Go for it!        
5/7, 10:18pm Phil
I think I am. She’s fucking amazing and an amazing fuck
5/7, 11:54pm Phil
Good combination
5/8, 12:23am
So fun to see you having fun.
5/8, 2:21am Phil
Right now
[close up of his cock with a drip of pre-cum]

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