Bacon-wrapped onion rings

Monday, May 5, 2014
5/5, 8:22am
Good morning kid!  Hope you have a great Monday far away!

I’m off to the office to hold a farewell lunch for my interns.  Hope to stay off the boss’ radar!

5/5, 8:52am Phil
Have a great one!
[He sent the photo of him with the HUGE beer again]
5/5, 9:36am Phil
[photo of him in a dress shirt and tie, smiling at me]
5/5, 9:42am
Well!  Great to see your smiling face!

5/5, 9:43am Phil
Have a great day Sass!
5/5, 11:05am Phil
These were happy times
[photo of him with a red head with her arm around his neck, them drinking margaritas]
5/5, 11:06am
Made any progress today?  Sent flowers?  Started on your list?

5/5, 11:06am Phil
Sent flowers – check.
Reviewed list – check.
We don’t look bad together
5/5, 1:50pm
It’s interesting how much brighter your smile is with her compared to with your wife.
5/5, 2:59pm Phil
had so much fun with her and you see how she is touching me, like she enjoys it.

I’m just very relaxed and happy when we are together

5/5, 5:43pm
Picking up my favorite Chinese comfort food from Mary Chung.  They’ve remodeled!

5/5, 7:45pm
Have you seen these?  Onion ring swiped with siraccha sauce and wrapped in bacon for the grill… might be fun for a party.

5/5, 8:49pm   

5/5, 8:49pm
Hee hee… how about this for your second wedding vow?

5/5, 10:35pm Phil
[photo of a gorgeous marina]

[photo of his dinner plate]

5/5, 10:36pm
Stunning!  What was that dinner?

5/5, 10:38pm Phil
Dungenous crab cakes, Penn Cove mussels, clam chowder, rhubarb crunch
5/5, 11:04pm
5/6, 12:15am Phil
It was amazing
5/6, 12:15am Phil

 rhubarb crunch
5/6, 12:15am Phil
[photo of him at the marina at sunset]
5/6, 12:16am Phil
[photo of his naked chest, shoulders and smiling face]
5/6, 12:16am Phil
Fred loved the flowers. She was so happy.
5/6, 1:15am Phil
Thank you baby for that idea!

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