Meet #6 Lunch, dinner and a mirror

Sunday, May 4, 2014 
Kris: Good morning! So address for brunch/lunch? 12:30….Whoopee!….get to be with you again! Breakfasty or lunch things…either’s fine…your choice…whatever you’re in the mood for… 🙂 8:13 AM
Me: Best place is S&S Deli. 1334 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139 Tricky parking – two free lots on Hampshire St (one block over, one next to place, other one block South). Meters don’t apply Sundays. If you can’t park, call and we’ll go elsewhere. 8:25 AM
Kris: Is there a parking garage nearby? Will pay if need b…time (with u!) more valuable than money… 9:10 AM
Me: No… in the middle of Inman Square. But may be okay on a Sunday. 9:27 AM
Kris: K…b there with bells on… smile/hug 9:34 AM
Me: Can’t wait! I am looking at sexy gifs, getting revved up. 9:35 AM
Kris: Oh good!….wish i was looking at them witb u… 🙂 10:38 AM
Me: Headed to the shower… 11:27 AM
Kris: Mmmmmm….! 11:39 AM
Kris: Leaving nh….should b on time… 🙂 11:40 AM
Kris: Here…in line to b seated 12:33 PM 
Me: Walking up the block! 12:34 PM
Kris: 🙂 12:34 PM


Kris and I met for fun lunch at the S&S Deli, the best Jewish Deli in the area.  It is so different to eat out with an AM man!  Most of them worry about being seen, or don’t want to “waste time eating.”  I felt spoiled to be sitting out in public, talking, holding hands, and eating.

I went off to two project meetings.  Kris went to the grocery store to get provisions for dinner and made a bunch of stuff sitting in the back seat of his car!  I could not believe he wanted to see me for both lunch and dinner two Sundays in a row, and that he was going to bring dinner to my place.  Wow.  

Kris: Do u have olive oil at house? 3:41 PM
Me: Yes 3:44 PM
Kris: K… :)….try not to think about putting things besides food in your mouth…no giggling at meeting 3:47 PM
Me: naughty man. 😉 3:49 PM 
Me: Finding everything? 4:08 PM
Me: Done with meeting #1! One more and then…YOU! 4:09 PM
Kris: Whoa!….still shopping…need to make antipasto still….may have to do at house….if someone can refrain from “bothering me” 4:16 PM
Me: I dunno…awful tough. But I’ll try. I can help, or tell you stories! 4:17 PM
Kris: 🙂 4:18 PM
Me: Hubby has left the building! Meet me at the garage door? 6:33 PM
Kris: Here! 6:34 PM

Me: Wow! On my way down! 6:36 PM


Hubby went off to a movie and Kris arrived for supper. He brought several bags and like magic, pulled out treat after treat:
1) French onion soup (take-out from the Ninety-nine)

2) Corn on the cob (we popped it into the microwave in a paper towel)

3) Steamed lobster (he got the supermarket to cook it for him)

4) The most beautiful antipasto with tuna, anchovies, pickles, green & black olives, marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts and red peppers from an old family recipe

5) Desserts – apple pie, 4 kinds of cheesecake, fresh raspberries and Kool Whip!
We camped out on my couch, put the food on the my living room coffee table and ate and talked.  He waited on me.  I felt incredibly spoiled!  It was weird.  I didn’t know how to act.  It was such a treat to be spoiled and waited on!  No one has ever done that before.  
I also learned my lesson about giving him multiple options of what I like.  He brought three desserts!  And I didn’t have room to taste any of them.  Ah well.. they’ll be good for breakfast tomorrow!  
We had fun rolling around in bed, then I stood him facing to the side in front of my full length mirror while I put my head over the side of the bed, and got him to watch while I gave him a hand job and then a blow job.  Never done that before.  I swallowed!  It was so so hot… I will remember this day for a long time!  
We cuddled.  We talked.  He didn’t want to leave.  He was supposed to leave at 10 pm.  I finally kicked him out of bed at 10:20 pm and sent him on his way. 


Kris: Out of the garage…you’re so sweet…and sexy. 🙂 10:30 PM

Kris: home. sweet dreams Sassy….hug & kiss goodnight. 11:34 PM

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