Easter specials

Saturday, April 19, 2014

5:30am Phil

Off to the beach. Going to be rainy but a rainy day at the beach is better than a glorious day in DC
[photo of him early in the morning with his hair wet from the shower]
9:48am Sassy
Good morning handsome!   Have a great time! I’m off to Mom’s as usual.

10:20am Sassy

Gorgeous beach photos!  One of those times when I say, “He is so like me!” In that the beach restores me no matter the weather!

10:22am Phil

Me too! Nothing makes me feel like the beach

11:29am Phil

[photo of his beautiful smile in an old sweatshirt]
11:30am Sassy
Mom’s in the bank, so I get to look at your sexy face!

1:54pm Sassy
Hey!  The Ninety-nine has Easter specials today!

I had the lobster bisque and ham!  Mom had the turkey dinner.  Such a treat!  Yum.

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