Young hunk

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4:46am Phil 

Have an amazing day cutie!
[photo of him looking very tired in a dress shirt with the tie undone]
7:00am Phil 
Feel good today. Sang Love is all Around all the way to work, smiled enjoying sweet memories. Have a great day Sass!

7:50am Sassy 
Good morning Philip!  So great to see your smile!  Have a terrific Tuesday!
7:50am Phil
: ) 
8:51am Phil 
Just makes me smile

[photo of his computer screen with an email from Beach Gal with photos of her smiling]

6:10pm Sassy
Dinner with Mom.  My fried chicken!

6:47pm Phil 
Have a great evening Sass!
[photo of him smiling]
6:51pm Sassy
I showed you to Mom!
6:53pm Phil 
Uh oh
What did you say? “You say remember this old fart?”
6:54pm Sassy 
She agrees with me – young hunk!  
She says you were such a nice boy.
6:54pm Phil 

Making deviled eggs. Down 26 pounds!

6:55pm Sassy 
Awesome!  I can see it in your face.

Mom’s gone to pee.  You can ravage me now.  But be quick!

7:00pm Phil 

10:34pm Phil 

Tough nite. Got home late, made amazing filets, made deviled eggs for work tomorrow, put on tunes that brought me crashing down. Pretty cool that another person can have this kind of impact. Not sure I want to let anyone else have it. This just sucks, I’ll go to bed and dream about the girl. Woke up last night reaching out for her. Do your friends say this ever goes away? How do you make the heartache stop? Get under another is not the answer I’m looking for. Funny, but not for me.

10:45pm Phil 

Nite girly, up at three, gonna try to sleep. Need a hug so so bad

10:45pm Sassy 
Hugs with groping!

10:50pm Phil 
I just need about a 12 hour hug and a shoulder to cry on. I was so good today and so bad now.

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