Fresh mouth

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Me: Hiya hot stuff! 4:23 PM
NH Man: Hello. What’s up 4:24 PM
Me: Just got my teeth cleaned. Wishing you could check out my fresh mouth! 4:25 PM
NH Man: I bet it is warm and moist 4:28 PM
Me: Minty! HOT! 4:30 PM
NH Man: I’m on my way home to have dinner with my family 4:30 PM
Me: Oh my. I’m heading home on the bus, evening alone 4:31 PM
Me: You do get to have interesting family moments 4:32 PM
NH Man: Y bus 4:32 PM
Me: Combo of roads closed all over for Obama visit, and Hubby has a mtg tonight 4:34 PM
NH Man: BHO. My hero. Liar-in-chief 4:58 PM

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