Baking soda

Tuesday, January 14, 2013

6:24pm Sassy  
Did you get into the house?  Hope you had a good day!  
I’m out with Mom!
6:38pm Phil  
I did, sipping a scotch now.  Off to Walmart for baking soda and out for dinner! 
Have fun with Mom!
6:39pm Sassy  
Yay! Why baking soda?
7:53pm Phil
Arm and hammer, deodorizes the fridge

7:55pm Sassy  
Aha! When does your stuff arrive?
7:57pm Phil  
Packers are at the old place now. Some time next week

7:57pm Sassy  

7:58pm Phil  
Ready to go!

[photo of the inside of his empty house with the hardwood floors and fireplace]
7:59pm Sassy
Jeopardy is over – time to drive home!

8:18pm Phil  
[photo of him toasting me with a margarita]
8:48pm Sassy
Hiya handsome!

9:36pm Phil  
Wearing my ass out. I’m pooped

9:36pm Sassy  

I bet!  You staying there?

9:45pm Phil  
No, nothing there, nowhere to sleep and I can’t afford to be tired.

House is not huge but it’s nice. Trying not to spend a fortune on a rental. It’s a hoof into DC but it’s good for the pets, and everything closer was either tiny or wouldn’t take the pets and that’s not an option

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