Meet #5 Hot Sexy Man

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
8:11 AM
Me: Good morning! So excited to see you later! And touch you.. 
10:06 AM
NH Man: I hope so. More than once 
10:11 AM
Me: Hope you’ll touch me too. 
10:12 AM
NH Man: More than once. May nibble too 
10:15 AM
NH Man: Hang out Thursday evening? If you could get off work Friday you could come here. If not I could go there. I will keep you warm either way. 
10:16 AM
NH Man: I forgot you have skating. 
10:17 AM
Me: Thanks for that lovely thought. But we have figure skating tickets Th-F-Sa-Sun. 
10:18 AM
NH Man: I remembered. After 
10:19 AM
Me: That’s why I am so excited to see you today! 
10:21 AM
NH Man: Because you are horny silly girl. 
10:21 AM
Me: Maybe so… or because you’re a hot, sexy man! 
10:25 AM
NH Man: ufffdufffd 
4:50 PM
Me: I am home alone! Text when you’re here. 🙂 
4:52 PM
NH Man: Ok 
4:55 PM
NH Man: Two miles away
5:01 PM
NH Man: Here
5:05 PM
Me: In elevator
5:05 PM
NH Man: Ok 

So he parked in my space.  I kissed him in the elevator, and we ran to my bed.  He pulled off his clothes and looked over at me like “Hurry up!”  So I tossed off my clothes.  We got very warm under the covers, cuddled together, me lying half on top of him while he played with my breast and told me strange stories about his work.  
He started kissing my neck, nibbling on my ear and saying he wanted to be inside me.  I reached down to play with him a bit – he definitely seemed ready!  He grabbed a condom from his wallet and I ripped open the foil and unrolled it over him.  I asked him if he’d like me to ride him.  He said no, he wanted his usual thing.  *sigh  
So he got out of bed, went down to stand at the corner, uncovered me, pulled me down until my ass was hanging off the edge, pulled my feet up onto his shoulders and shoved himself inside.  I watched him pound away for three minutes, like clockwork, then shudder as he filled the condom.  I puzzled yet again over why this was good for him, why he wouldn’t do anything else, why do I do this for sex and companionship and only get one.  I wonder if his knees hurt.  Or he is using Viagra and nervous about losing his erection.  Or what?  
He strolled toward the bathroom, pecking me on the lips as he passed and covering me back up, then went to clean up.  He crawled back under the covers and snuggled up again.  He asked me about watching skating, and my work.  I adore how he pays attention to what I’m doing, listens and makes good suggestions.
Too soon it was time for him to go.  I threw on clothes and walked him back to the garage, opening the door so he could drive out.  He waved and went around the corner at 6:30 pm.  

One thought on “Meet #5 Hot Sexy Man

  1. GoodWill says:

    A brief interlude. Disappointing in some ways, good in others. Glad you got some, but wishing he’d be more adventurous for you! As always, I’m glad you share with us!

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