A little tickle

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 
8:16 AM
NH Man: Good morning Sassy Girl. I got spoiled by the balmy temperatures yesterday. Back out freezing my butt off today. Need you to warm me up.
8:19 AM
Me: Good morning sexy man! I’d adore taking you hands in mine and putting them on warm places on my body!
8:25 AM
NH Man: That would be extra nice today for my cold fingers. But it might make your nipples perk up!!!
9:22 AM
Me: I’d risk it for you! 
9:24 AM
NH Man: Oh yeah. Living on the edge are you. When do you want to risk it?
9:30 AM
Me: I want to RIGHT NOW! Sadly, between work and skating tickets, there’s no open time until after Sunday! 
NH Man: Oh well 9:31 AM
9:36 AM
Me: I’m bummed… it’s been too long already! Let’s definitely figure out something for next week!
9:46 AM
NH Man: No need to be bummed. You are just horny. A smart woman like you should be able figure out a way to fix that
9:51 AM
NH Man: I will be down in the hood on Wednesday right after work if you could use a little tickle. If not maybe next week 
9:56 AM
Me: Oooh! Like tomorrow Wednesday? What time? 
9:57 AM
NH Man: Yes. 5:30 Ish
9:58 AM
Me: Hmmm… maybe I can get H to disappear for awhile. How long might you stay?
9:59 AM
NH Man: Wifey wants to go to dinner. Maybe she has some big news. An hour or so??
10:06 AM
Me: Yay! Interesting re: your wife. Hubby says he can be out. Yay! I’ll text you when he leaves and meet you at the garage door?
10:08 AM
NH Man: Sounds good. Rest up

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