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Friday, December 27, 2013
NH Man asked if he could stop in to visit me on a Friday night on his way to pick up his wife at her apartment in Boston.  He comes down every Friday to pick her up and take her home for the weekend, then returns with her Sunday night so it gives us a convenient chance to see each other.  
The debate
I’ve never had an AM man at my place but I had been thinking about it for three months.  It came up in October when I was trying to see The Lawyer, and hotel rates skyrocketed due to the foliage and baseball play-offs.  My set-up is relatively secure for a man – a big condo building so no one can see which unit you visit if they’re following you, and underground parking, so none of that “strange car parked out front” thing.  But I’ve read a lot of stories online about what happens after you break up when a man knows where you live… and I did not want to give my anonymity.  I waffled back and forth, talked to my pals in the chat room, who gave completely conflicting advice.  My Hubby had no objections – he’s been bringing his lady friends to our place for awhile.  
Somehow, with NH Man, it made perfect sense. He didn’t understand what the big deal was.  But he understood that it was a big decision for me and gave me options. 
The prep
So I reached a milestone with this visit.  I invited NH Man to see me at home.  That meant checking to be sure he’s not allergic to cats, fierce cleaning, a new bedspread (the cats destroyed the old one) and trying to hide every letter, magazine and package with my real name and address on it!  …and just roll with it.  Luckily Hubby was in a helpful mood and I had the day off from work.  
The visit
Hubby was going out on a date, and NH Man had about 2 hours to see me.  I met him in the underground garage and pointed him at my parking space. I kissed him in the elevator.  He was sure there’s a surveillance camera in there but I don’t think there is.  But it tickled him to think of showing off for the camera.  
My bed
I have him a quick tour of my place, then we collapsed on my bed.  In my bed.  mmm… 
We did our usual thing… fondling, kissing, a little oral, three minutes of him standing at the end of bed, inside me with my ass at the corner of the bed and my feet on his shoulders… boom.  Then we cuddled.  He kidded me about being worried in a way that made me a lot calmer.  He got that it was a big deal for me.  He is very sweet.  I relaxed in his arms while he played with my nipples and told me stories about his Christmas and the family. 
The pistol
As we were leaving, he was putting on his coat, and reached into the inner pocket to hand me something.  A pistol!  I had never touched a gun before.  He pulled out the magazine (the thing with the bullets) and handed the gun to me.  I think it was a Sig Sauer, like the cops carry, small but heavy.  He had a permit to carry, says he has it for protection.  It must be a NH thing.  I don’t know anyone here with a firearm.  I don’t know what I think about that.  He said it only shoots bad people.  Hmm.  Not sure if I feel safer or not.  
I went back to the garage with him, and showed him how to open the door to get out so he can do it alone next time if that makes sense.  He gave me a brief hug, slid into his car and drove away.  
Another line crossed! I really earned my hussy points today!  

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