The magic wand

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
8:36am Voted!

9:05am Phil
A little nervous. Lots of things to learn and a different environment. Gotta find a place to live but I’m in the system at a senior level which is not easy anymore. Did exactly one interview. I expected this to be much harder. It was a brutal interview, tough, pointed questions that I was comfortable and conversant with but I expected to have to interview dozens of times and settle for something at half the pay. I did not expect to walk in at the top.
Appreciate the congrats, I’m a little stunned, nervous and excited
You will be fine.  You know better than most how to walk in, figure things out and roll!
When will you start?
11:04am Phil
Don’t know yet. I’d like to live in Arlington, rent a condo so you can walk to everything. Probably end up in Md.
6:23pm Phil
I suspect some time in December.
Wow!  That’s fast!
Ask for January 15. 
Will they pay for you to move?
7:00pm Phil
Military pays for the move
7:02pm Phil
Yeah, I want a three-story town home near the METRO with a fenced yard
Let me get out my magic wand…
7:05pm Phil
Ha ha, I’ve got a magic wand for you
Mmmm… can’t wait for you to bippity boppity boo me!
Just don’t turn me into a glass slipper by mistake!
7:21pm Phil
[photo of him with his son toasting the camera with beers]

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