Thursday, October 31, 2013
Happy Halloween!  Hope you’re having a spooky night!
6:51pm Phil
You too! Have my second interview for a fancy job in DC. Would make my year to land that
Fingers crossed for you!
6:51pm Phil
Closer to home, great town.
Thanks, great money and lots of friends around town
Would you go back to being a “geographic bachelor?”
6:54pm Phil
No, my wife hates DC but she will go.  Has no intention of working.
I’d like to live on the river or maybe in Maryland
Interesting work?  Nice people?
6:55pm Phil
Interesting work and I have friends there
If I get the job, there will be a very expensive bottle of scotch to celebrate. The job involves travel and I like that.
That’s a civilian position?
Sounds like what you did before…
7:00pm Phil
It is a civilian position that pays well. I can survive on that and my retirement which is about the same
Will keep me in decent cigars and scotch anyway
Similar to what I have done before
Survive?  Ha ha
7:02pm Phil
It’s expensive in DC!
There will be Thai and Greek
Will they send you to New England ever?
7:03pm Phil
Gotta get the job 1st. It’s down to two of us
Right.  I’ll pray!
7:05pm Phil
I have no clue what people make. My retirement pay will be about $xxx. Is that good money these days? I have no clue. It’s what a zillion years in the military and some luck got me
It’s big
I make half that
7:07pm Phil
I just assume most people make the same
some people make a lot more…
for the work you’ve done, it seems low
But you also got housing and stuff
7:10pm Phil
I’m a little out of touch. I think my taxes are going to suck with the addition of the job. I’ll get 95% of what I make now plus about the same or so from another job. I’m never going to be rich but I hope to be comfortable. Got no debt
I’ll be able to pay for a lobster dinner anyway
: )
7:11pm Phil
Gotta find another cool place to eat
I need to take you to The Boat House in Tiverton… sooo good
7:12pm Phil
If I get the job I’ll get there
: )
7:13pm Phil
Congrats on the Sox by the way! Happy that they won
MIght also tell a gal if she could meet you on one of your trips…
7:13pm Phil
Thank you.  I appreciate that!
What a wacky Series….
Did you see any of it?
7:14pm Phil
Yeah but a great one
Oh yeah, rooting for the Sox the entire time
Interference by a prone guy?  Walk-off pick-off… beat out a pickle!
I am shocked!
7:14pm Phil
Fun baseball
Gotta root for the American League
And I love Fenway Park and Boston fans
The city deserved it
Now the Patriots, never
Ever, fucking ever
Heh… it did seem like a fitting lid to put on all the crap after the bombing
And they made it so fun with the beards and all
and Big Pappi and Uehara…
7:25pm Phil
It was fun. Good for Boston
Still talking to the beach gal?
7:47pm Phil
Yeah but there are issues. Would unravel my family, she hangs at the dive bars near her house and they are nasty, drinks too much. Fun and carefree but with a lot of uncertainty. My Mom calls my wife “my princess” and not in a good way. The entire “she’s retired” thing makes my blood boil. I cook, clean, buy flowers. She flops in, eats dinner, pours her wine and then flops on the couch. I remain conflicted
I hear you.  Thanks for the update.  It is sooo good to talk with you!

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