Mess up your hair

Saturday October 12, 2013
11:04am Phil
Good morning!
You behaving?
11:06am Phil
Heading to a big festival!
11:07am Phil
Oooh!  Enjoy!
11:07am Phi
Will do!

Taiwanese lunch with Mom.  Yummy!

Hot & sour soup at Taipei Gourmet, Lexington

Pork lo mein
Soup dumplings

3:02pm Phil 
[photo of Philip with his family at the festival]
Wow! Beautiful day and people!  Thanks kid!
3:08pm Phil
[photo of him with a cigar and a beer dancing at the festival]
3:19pm Phil
Have a great day Sass
[photo of him outside smiling wearing sunglasses]
I’m gonna mess up your hair…
4:02pm Phil
Ha ha!

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