What comes next

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Hiya kid!  How was the concert?
Seeing the guy I met Monday again @10:30 am!  He invited me for “kissing and dirty talk.” Mmmm. Gonna wear a dress!  I think that’s the second time in a year.  
8:49am Phil
Concert was great!
Kissing and dirty talk sounds fun. That rapidly shifts to other things.
9:07am Phil
Something to help you conjure dirty thoughts
[photo of him naked from the waist down with his cock sticking straight out]
You have the sexiest toes!  Thanks kid!
Why do I suddenly want to drop to my knees? Mmmm

This makes me think about what comes next… or who. 
10:54am Phil
Nice! Be me. I love that.
Done. Mmm…you watching football today?

6:05pm Phil
That’s fucking hot!
[photo of him sitting outside smoking a cigar]

[photo of him at a bar with a beer in each hand]
8:42pm Phil
Good luck tomorrow
I met him today and it was way fun! Didn’t go far but what we did was hot!

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