Crazed day

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Good morning!   Out early to let the cleaners do their thing.  Headed to work – boss back from Europe.   Project opens tonight!   Have a great Thursday!
5:33pm Phil
Cool!  Saw a concert last night! Great performance and Saturday going to see a play.  Supposed to be a hoot! Good luck with your project!
Wow!  Crazed day – boss back all gung ho, project last minute crap, and Mom had a stroke.  Bleh.  Life is strange!
5:40pm Phil
OH wow!  How bad?  Small one?  My mother-in-law had several, little ones just slowly took a toll but it was over a few years. Praying for you!
Small as far as we can tell – black eye spots, language problems. They’ll check for more.   Thank you!

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