Belle Isle Seafood

Sunday, June 8, 2013
Good morning!  Beautiful day! Heard a great run of songs on the radio while in the shower that reminded me of you… great 70s tunes!  Off to see Mom.  Here’s to a super Sunday!
12:07pm Phil
Went to see an a concert last night. Fabulous! They sang songs we used to sings! What fun!
Oh wow!  Were you tempted to join in?
12:17pm Phil
I was singing along the entire time! Lady next to me was singing along too. The harmonies were so good
I’m always amazed how the words and notes come right back to me.  Were these co-workers?
12:41pm Phil
No! Award winning chorus. Sound was Wow!
Mom’s dressed for the first time since her surgery – eating, talking.   Gives me hope!
1:07pm Phil
Off to Winthrop to try a new lobster place!
2:13pm Phil
Google Belle Isle Seafood Winthrop – quite the spot!

The Lobster-shaped thingie for them to tell me when my dinner is ready!

Clam chowder, blackened swordfish, stuffed clams and LOBSTER pie!  Yummy. 

View of Logan Airport and Boston!

The front entrance.

The marina next door

For the record, my husband is jerk.  Off to project meeting!
4:50pm Phil
Ahhh, got one of those too

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