Sassy cleavage

Monday, March 4, 2013
8:00am Phil
That brunch actually sounds like fun.
Had a nice dinner party Saturday, visited a few wineries yesterday. Nice easy weekend. Have a great Monday!
Morning kid!  Off to work then a project meeting tonight.  Whee!  
Hope your Monday is marvelous!
8:56am Phil
You too!
[photo of his naked chest]
Here’s one in return.  Pulled my shirt down at work and snapped it for you! 

Thanks for the photo kid.  You are looking so handsome and healthy these days!!  I hope you are feeling good!
10:47am Phil

I do feel good. My stress level is way down too!

This was amazing! So good!
[photo of his dinner]
That looks incredible!  Was there garlic?  Where is that from?
11:31am Phil
From a winery here. They do brick oven pizza that is also amazing. Grilled with garlic and olive oil, so tender and delicious

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  1. Tom says:

    Nice rack! 🙂

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