Life is life

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
8:31am Phil
By you?  Life is life, Sass, it’s what we make it be. We accept what we are willing to accept and change what we can’t. Lots of formulas but I don’t think there’s a right or wrong. Gotta find what makes you happy, not what makes everyone else happy.
Thanks kid.  Working on it.

No…he doesn’t want me.  He found a couple to play with.
8:42am Phil
Ahhh, strange how we get locked into things and just stay.  It becomes normal, what we do even if it sucks. Last night, I made homemade sausage and peppers, the Italian way, red beans and rice, and fresh rice pudding desert. Handed my wife a glass of wine when she came home. Today is her birthday. I am making baked lobster tails, steamed shrimp, coquille St Jacques, baked potatoes, Brussels sprouts with bacon and blue cheese. I laid out the table, going to fill the room with balloons and have a few friends over to celebrate. Trying to show her how this is supposed to be done cause that’s never happened for me, and it’s not remotely hard to do. I even cleaned it all up and did the dishes. It’s easy to make someone feel Appreciated.  00
You are a good man.  Today is another day!  I get to meet the new boss and feed him Thai lunch!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Great photos of you on your work site today!  It looked like you managed to have some fun.
3:34pm Phil
I try. Those things are so serious.

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