FFF The Big Game

In honor of The Big Game on Sunday, here’s Tom big challenge to us for this week’s Flash Fiction Friday:

Word Count: XLVIII for each quarter… so 192.
Bonus Words: Predict the final score and add the combined point total to your word count. So if you think it’s going to be Broncos 30, Seahawks 24, give yourself 54 bonus words. (Just for reference, the most points ever scored in a Super Bowl is 75.)
Required Words: Tight end, wide open, muff
Forbidden Words: NFL, Super Bowl, Super Sunday.

Extra Credit: It matters who wins.

Click over to his blog at Three Spelling Mistakes to see what he and other bloggers with game saw in this photo!  My take is below.

Denver 24, Seattle 17 = 41, so 233 words.


Football talk!  I couldn’t stand it anymore!  First downs… tight end… wide open…. no more!  
Why do I always end up hosting the party?  The commercials are fun, and the food they bring is fantastic!  And the hot women the guys bring over?  YES!  It’s because my man cave has the bar and big screen TV I won from the local Circuit City when it was going out of business.  Enough is enough.
I heeded nature’s call after the bizarre first quarter, and hid in the living room to watch… Downton Abbey.  I admit it.  Lady Mary is so hot!  Her dark hair and English face… and how she delivers a catty remark.  And her clothes!  The purple coat with that fur hat and muff make me so hard! 
I didn’t notice when two of the hotties joined me. Suddenly, they were right next to me, high-fiving me when Lady Mary said something really zingy!  Both brunettes… mmmm…rubbing against me… wow!  One of them even reminded me of Lady Mary… I wonder if she’d fancy a cuddle?  
Then the show was over. I watched the sponsor spots and expected them to rejoin the rabble downstairs.  I turned off the TV.  One kissed me and the other reached for the bulge between my legs!  Damn!  Who’s got the big game going now?!  And I win!

4 thoughts on “FFF The Big Game

  1. Advizor54 says:

    I knew it was fiction when it was a guy watching Downten Abbey. 🙂 Great spin away from the game and in to the playing field. 🙂

  2. Tom says:

    Heh, I was wondering how you were going to sneak in that muff. 😉

  3. Really liked how you took it completely away from the game. And he is the winner, hands down.

  4. Measha Stone says:

    Well done! Less football more sexy time…that’s the correct way to spend a sunday afternoon!. I keep hearing about Downtown Abbey, I may have to finally watch it.

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