Two calls

Saturday, January 5, 2013
7:30am Phil
You think we look good together?  Had fun. Each had a beer and then coffee. Almost no drinking which is what I want!  Flowers and crab legs were a hit, took the mutt for a three mile run on the beach, good day. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
9:44 am CALL 
We talked for 20 minutes while he drove, talked about his wonderful evening with The Beach Gal at a bar with a band, all the military people he saw.  
So great hearing you so happy!  Yes – the photo shows it, especially compared to ones of you w/ your soon-to-be-ex wife!  Have a wonderful day!
10:09 am CALL 
We talked for 12 minutes!
[I adore it when he is away from home and work and can call me!!!]

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