Tuesday, December 18, 2012
8:31am Phil
Morning Sass.  Hope you have a great day! Had a terrific meal last night at a new place.  Nice. The Beach Gal had to tell dumb ass to leave her alone last night.  He came to get some tools and called her cruel for breaking his heart, professed his love, made some demands and then got thrown out when he started to get nasty.  Glad that’s done.  I did not want him near the house or near The Beach Gal. 
Get these kids out of here at the end of the week and then start working towards ending this job.  Hard to believe it’s over. My wife got to live in the big house and be the Queen Bee. I know she enjoyed that. Time for me to get myself set for the next stage.  A jeep, a beach house, couple dogs, modest stuff and a smile every day.
So The Beach Gal changed her mind and is on board with you?
10:30am Phil
She has always been on board.  Just needed to get me to be able to walk away and allow it to happen.  She was getting my attention with a sharp stick. I got the point and it hurt. She loves me but she’s not waiting forever.
Can you point to anything you did that was the turning point?  (Storing up ideas for the next heartbroken guy who needs advice)
10:34am Phil
My homely mug
[photo of him in uniform in his office]
Yes, I wrote down how I felt, what I thought, no bullshit, just my inner most thoughts. Talked about why I love her, what I love about her. I called her, talked to her. The flowers helped. Told me she prayed they were from me. The bracelet also helped. Everyone needs to hear it, needs to see it and I let a busy job get in the way. I shan’t make that mistake again.
10:46am Phil
Where you go?  Did you see my Sorry ass team last night?
Thanks for the summary!  Very helpful.  And damn, kid, you are looking so HAWT!
I was at the project meeting last night…so intense w/ 2 dozen talented women!
I heard about your team not being in the post-season.  Very sad – they usually make for good opponent.  Sorry, kid.
10:50am Phil
Oh, I’ll bet.  Sounds like fun.  Sass, don’t know what the hell I’m doing.  I just know the girl excites me, loves me, makes me crazy and we enjoy one another and have fun.  That’s been missing from my life for a very long time.
I hope having a sweet partner will make all else fall into place.  It may be a tough road but with her to share it, so much better than you’ve had!
Are you staying home for the holidays?
12:07pm Phil
I know it will be a tough road.  There will be family issues and other fallout. There will be a large financial impact.  I give up about half my pension a year.  It’s worth it to me to be met every day with a warm smile and someone who will listen and be interested and will provide the loving and gentle touch that I crave so badly.  I know there are issues.  The Beach Gal, while a gentle and loving soul, can be a handful.  I was very good in the past at limiting what she drinks and how much.  It’s not that she drinks so much but it counteracts her meds and that’s when there are issues.  We enjoy a couple light beers, play some darts, dance a little, no issues.  The Beach Gal works hard, she is independent, has made her own way. Bought a house, pays the bills. She welcomes help but does not need it. She is very family oriented, my wife is not.  We will spend a lot of times with both families.  I really like hers, good people, love her kids.  I think my Mom will love her just because she is so attentive to me.  The Beach Gal is a country girl, does not have my wife’s polish and love of the big event.  That’s fine with me.  I like the country girl and a simpler life.  
Is it so wrong to crave affection?  For six wonderful months, I looked forward to coming home every day, loved cooking meals together, was met with a warm smile, a hug and kiss, my favorite drink. I watched TV with my lady tucked in next to me, her head on my chest.  We listened to music and danced together, took long walks on the beach, bike rides.  It was everything I ever wanted and I let my brother convince me that what I was doing was so wrong, I was destroying my family, it was a sin, I was embarrassing my family. I let him and my kids insert the seed and I made the wrong call.  I should have stayed the path and stayed with The Beach Gal.  That’s where I have wanted to be all this time. I tried to fight that. She had her things; I had mine.  We tried to fight this and move on and for whatever reason, we keep ending up back together, still in love, still like high school kids.  
I know it all sounds foolish.  My more sensible friends say stay where I am, find a girlfriend for the affection I need.  That’s just not me and I don’t want a girlfriend.  I want a partner through the peaks and valleys of life.  One who will hold my hand and encourage me, give me strength and courage and cheer when I win and help me back up when I get knocked down.  That’s The Beach Gal.
Staying here for the holidays.
That sounds beautiful!  It’s what I’ve been hoping for you for ages.  You deserve it.  I will help however I can.
Off to lunch w/ my assistants – trying to get out more
12:16pm Phil
You are something else. <3
going to swim
1:28pm Phil
that’s a good plan!  Enjoy!  
Found a place that does lobsta rolls.  Going to try them out! 
Won’t be as good w/out me. 🙂
I’m off!  Another project starts tonight.  And might have a hot sex phone date…. mmmm.  Have a good evening!
5:10pm Phil
No it won’t be. Ooooh, well have fun girl.
Won’t be the same w/o you!
5:13pm Phil
We do it pretty well for real and on the phone girl.
I’ll never eat lobster the same again.  Every time I see one I think of you and smile.
🙂  That warms my heart.
I am eating Thai soup…and remembering kissing you in the shadows of Natl Harbor!
5:49pm Phil
I loved that place! That was fun!
The night we went to Legal Seafood was such a romantic evening. What fun! I hope you enjoyed the pre dinner activities cause I sure did
You said, “There is no better sight than a beautiful woman sucking my cock.”
5:57pm Phil
Absolutely! 🙂
No exaggeration there
I don’t usually feel beautiful but I believed you that night
6:07pm Phil
You were beautiful at dinner as well. Beauty comes from all of a person, inside and out and you have both.

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  1. WestsideTori says:

    Not what I wanted to hear, I want him blissful with YOU!

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