FFF Oops

Happy November!  It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday!  Pop over to Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other fantastic writers saw in this photo.  My take is below.  Here’s the challenge:

Required Phrase- “Oops, wrong picture”
Word Limit – 250 words
Forbidden words – College, Collagan, Colloquial, Cauliflower
   Awwww… crap… I really wanted to talk about CAULIFLOWER!  Crunch crunch… 
Bonus Points – Share a real “oops” story if you haven’t already as your main post
     Click over here to a “Sassy Answers” post entitled… “Oops!” about FIVE ways I goofed up with photos and texts, including posting a half-nekkid photo to Facebook instead of messaging it to Philip.  Whee!  
Extra Words – Christmas time is coming. You get 100 extra words if you make this about a holiday greeting.
“Crap… I can’t believe it’s November already?!” she whined.  “We haven’t started on the holiday shopping or the cards… argh.  It’s time to order gifts online before the craziness starts in… help me think about what to cook and figure out which photo to use for the cards?”  
“Don’t worry.  We always manage to get it all done!” I reassured her, wrapping my arms around her and tweaking her bounteous tits.  She leaned back and I nibbled her neck. 
I glanced over her shoulder at her computer.  She was clicking through images… food, the ocean, flowers, her niece… she makes good use of that cell phone camera!  Suddenly the clicks got slower… naked photos!  
“Hey!  Are those on Facebook?” I asked, shocked to see my private parts.  
“Don’t worry.  I have the privacy option on… just here for myself,” she assured me.  Sometimes we get frisky and add photos to our sex life.  I was leery of them being on the web, especially on Facebook!  But I got hard looking at them, and started playing with her nipple.  She gave me a deep, passionate kiss.  
“So which photo?  I got a Groupon for half-price if we order before November 15th…”  
“Hmmm… what about us at the beach?  or near that lighthouse?”  I suggested. 
“Oh!  The lighthouse is good…,” she said, clicking back to the vacation photos as my fingers teased the waistband of her jeans, then burrowed under the fabric to tease her lower down. 
“Mmmm… that feels so amazing! But stop distracting me!  I need to place this order and start looking for presents!”  I dipped a finger inside her and she moaned, then shoved me away.  “Later! Hold that thought until I make enough progress to focus on you!”  she insisted, squeezing my cock.  Damn cock blocking cards! 
Two weeks later, I got home from work to find a trail of shredded packaging and colorful cards shredded from the mailbox to the kitchen, where she had her head down on the table.  Okaaaay… I pieced together a few bits and saw a vacation photos we’d taken in New Mexico… naked.   Oops, wrong picture! I guess I distracted her more than I thought! 

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