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10/25/12 11:52 am 
Hey Sassy:
Here’s a few clips from XHAMSTER, the place I hang out the most I suppose. 
The first one of the woman slowly giving head is a turn on not just because of obvious reason but because her man seems to have an especially erogenous zone just under the tip of his nice cock. It turns me on because she caters to that spot nearly the whole time. It’s so hot to see a woman give a man what he needs then for her to receive her reward as a big load of cum. Must be so gratifying for a woman to see the wonderful mess she caused the man to make.
I like this next video for a number of reasons. The woman plays with herself in a very sensual and authentic way (don’t worry, there is a man who comes in about half way through!) I love how she worships her own big tits with such fervor, not just for the camera but for herself. During the entire session she never leaves her tits alone for very long and shows them affection in a variety of ways. Does this at all reflect the part your breasts play in lovemaking or masturbation?  I like her big panties, big tummy, and the thick patch of pubic hair above her lips. I love hairy pussy, but shaved has its own allure too. It’s so hot when the couple are worshipping her tits together as she jacks his cock. And of course I’m totally mesmerized by the sight of her big saggy breasts hanging down and shaking with each thrust from her partner as they fuck doggie.
Hope you enjoy!
10/25/12 11:52 am 
Thought I’d share a few more. 
Just to let you know, the first one was the one I used to blow my load that had been building up while watching and writing about the videos I sent earlier. The part in this video where I let go was around 3:16 into it, where there’s the extreme closeup of her lipstick lips on his cock head. I shot a very big sweet (I can attest to that!) load watching that. He kind of cuts too much of her face out but in a way it’s nice because it draws you into just her mouth and his head. Don’t ya just love the sounds of cock sucking? Subtle ones and some not so subtle?
I really dig the way this older woman gives head and especially how she integrates lots of affectionate ball sucking (especially at 3:35 and 4:50) and how she holds his balls in one hand while deep throating him:
Ok I’ll stop distracting you now!
Kisses & licks
10/25/12 12:21 pm 
I adore both your bras! Delightful, a major bra ful! Such lovely photos, love your choice in bras (tell me about your choice in panties). Thank you soooo much for sharing them. And look at that soft skin of yours, and those 2 adorable moles! Please tell me what cup size you are. I want to bury my face in your warm breasts.
I’d be honored to fuck that world class gorgeous cleavage for you. I’m a sturdy 6.5″ cut and my cock head just loves to circle nice nipples then plunge into an oiled cleavage, shooting a nice warm load onto your chest and neck, giving you a ‘pearl necklace.’ We’ll have fun looking at and playing with my cum and seeing it on your nipples. So all the previous cum shots you’ve caused were hidden away in your pussy or your mouth? Naughty girl. 
When was you last best lovemaking session? 
Have you met anyone on AM yet? I’m not the jealous type by the way.
I love watching passionate kissing too, it’s so hot. The hottest for me is authentic bi-sexual girl kissing.
You’re making me hard all over again….thank you!

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