My 80th Birthday Dream

Thursday, October 25, 2012
7:52am Phil
75 today. Looks gorgeous out. it was of course pitch black when I came in but should be a nice day. Going to Mid Evil Times for dinner and to watch jousting tonight. Got free tickets! Temps will drop into the the 40s and 30s starting tomorrow and through the weekend. Talking snow showers next week. Yippee! Enjoy the day.
Send that warm weather my way?
Dreamed of you, at age 83…fascinating!
Off to endocrinologist…whee.
Then last day w/ evil asst. Woot!
Hope the knights are fun!
7:57am Phil
83? Hope I was still spry and a smart ass. I’d hate to think I turn into some sour old man. I’m not seeing it.
You were very frisky, still had a gorgeous ass, made my 80th birthday very special!
8:02am Phil
Frisky is good. I’ll take that.
That’s a really strange dream by the way.
Yes..very strange. But wonderful in its way.

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