Discovery and due diligence

October 22, 2012 6:14 pm
From: The Lawyer
To: Sassy Girl 
I would love to be alone with you!!! I have a feeling that there’s a blazing fire awaiting us!!! My imagination is wandering all over the place, as the thoughts and images overwhelm!!!      MNNN… we need to think about logistics…. I don’t have any place available, and unless you have a love nest or a friend who’s in europe for the fall, we’ll have to make do….  are you put off by a hotel room?  I’m sure we could figure out a time and place that would give us some time and privacy…
the mere thought of this is turning me on!!! 
and, as a lawyer, i have a strong desire to engage in extensive discovery, and thorough due diligence– with you!! 😉
October 24, 2012 7:24 pm

Hiya Tom, 
You make me smile!!!!
It has been so long… almost makes me cry, in a good way, to be wanted.  and it’s especially wonderful that it’s you.  And that it’s mutual!  Thank you, sweet man.  
Ah, logistics.  A hotel room works, though frugal me hates to think of you spending money on it but if you can… it would be lovely.  Anywhere you feel safe with me taking your clothes off, with a bed and you… sounds lovely.  If there are ways I can make it easier, let me know.  The other thing I require, to get right down to brass tacks – I assign you condom procurement.  
You being turned on was a fabulous thing to behold… even with nerves and people and sunshine.  Can’t quite imagine how much more fabulous it would be under better circumstances, but I am having fun trying!  Thinking sassy thoughts about my hands and my mouth and your body… hmmm…. I do wonder what would excite you most, so I can do it!  and then I think about your hands and your mouth and… more. Oh my… 
Har har… I’ve never been with a lawyer in such a proceeding… tempted to say something about your briefs but they might be boxers for all I know!   Hoping that occupations fade as we get closer… to the um…closing?  I should throw in some Latin phrase but I forget them all except pro bono which would be too much?!  
You are such fun!  Hugs with groping.  And a sensuous kiss.  or two or three. 


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