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Friday feeding
Between Phil and You
October 22 at 11:40am
Good morning! Happy Friday! It’s cold here today – only 47 degrees right now. But clear and beautiful. I’m noticing how some of the trees have turned colors and are already losing their leaves, with the one next to them still green. Ah, the vagaries of nature!
Phil October 22 at 11:44am
Cool here too! Feels great! Got a wedding this weekend, more house cleaning too. No football, bye week :(. Getting ready to head out.

October 22 at 11:47am
Call me while you’re driving? Please?
My co-workers are going out for a drink after work today and invited me along to Casablanca, a Moroccan bar, for tapas.
Casablanca is Harvard Square’s legendary ‘neighborhood joint’ on Brattle Street, a restaurant and bar with creative Mediterranean cuisine, great cocktails and a mildly exotic atmosphere
October 22 at 12:07pm
In the “freaky coincidence” category, I got email from a former co-worker this morning. He lives in Pentagon City and was telling me about this great Greek restaurant where he had dinner last night. You can guess where that was…
Phil October 22 at 12:10pm
It’s a small small world

Phil October 22 at 12:13pm
Having greek tonight at the beach. Yummy.
October 22 at 12:26pm
Ooh! They have a FB page. And a huge menu. Looks like all the right stuff – the taramosalata caviar dip. I love the avegolemono chicken soup. and they have loukoumades – little donuts – very rare and special! I’ve only seen those at the church festivals. Wow.
October 22 at 12:26pm
Maybe you can ask if they have galactobureko in the back. 🙂
Phil October 22 at 12:28pm
Cool! Never been there. I’ll let u know how it was!
October 22 at 2:16pm
Very quiet here… chatting about weekend plans. 
October 22 at 4:48pm
Soooo good to talk to you!  I love it when you tell me about cool places you’ve been.  I looked up Punta Arenas – It’s in Chile. Google maps has lots of photos of the casino and various places around town. Wicked cool. Thanks for “taking me” there. So great to hear your voice. And your stories. Thanks for giving me a new association for German Shepherds! Sorry if I kept you from the football news for too long. But it made my day! Heading out to the bar… smiling. Hope the Greek food makes for a great eve
October 22 at 10:00pm
I can’t believe I’m sending this. Did you ever think there would be a woman who would? The bit about the Saint Bernard makes me giggle very time. Hope it gives you a chuckle. 

This clip is from a concert by DaVinci’s Notebook in December of 2003. Sadly, they’re not officially together anymore, but if you enjoyed this, you’ll enjoy Paul and Storm who are touring together and can be found at

Phil October 25 at 10:55am
Now this video was funny! I loved it!
October 25 at 3:03pm
What a difference an “a” makes! *cough*

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  1. Things are looking better in this conversation! Faith and persistence pays!

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