Tuesday times

Tuesday times
Between Phil and You
September 7 at 8:10am
Good morning! Another day in the big city…bustling, birds, high clouds, moving trucks in the mall parking lot. Off to work! Hoping for a quiet day. All the bigwigs are interviewing from 10-3 so they will out of my hair.

September 7 at 10:13am
Interesting morning. Lots of people coming in to the office.
People: “And how was your long weekend?”
Me: “Um…” (I CAN NOT SAY WHAT I AM THINKING) “Fine…low key.”
“Nice Italian dinner out. You?”
Hee hee hee!
Phil September 7 at 11:35am
Had a good trip north. Excited about football in 2 days! Looking forward to a great workout today and a relaxing evening. Sounds like you are having an interesting day

September 7 at 1:14pm
Football, huh? What’s so good about it? Tell me. Saw the news about that new player. Thought of you. So is this going to be their year?
Great day so far…quiet. I spent 45 minutes telling my assistant how great she is. Nice to have the performance review out of the way for another year.
I’m home alone again tonight, if you want to chat one way or another. If you need a break, I understand.
Phil September 7 at 1:22pm
Just a great game that involves physical strength, agility, speed, precision, detailed planning, execution, violence, brute force. Love it. Great game to play and watch. Opportunity to get together with friends and talk a lot of smack while snacking on all kinds of concoctions and sipping good beer and tequilla. My team has the opportunity to make their own destiny this year. Will certainly give you a call. Sounds like fun.
September 7 at 7:33pm
So, how was your long weekend? 😉
Nice dinner out, a local pub with a great menu that they don’t post on the web. Grrr… Another of the “I think Philip would like it here” places with an eclectic beer/wine list, and interesting food. They have a “real chef” who cooks up odd combinations that taste yummy. I had deviled eggs with just a few bacon bits, sitting on a cucumber slice, a couple spoonfuls of H’s garlic potato soup, and then we shared a bowl of curly pasta with ham, mushrooms and a very light vodka cream sauce. Cheap, fast and good!

My blog 
Between Phil and You
September 7 at 2:34pm
FYI – I have a blog. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s out there if you want to put together a few more pieces of the puzzle that’s Sassy. [URL]
You might enjoy my review of a restaurant on the North Shore.  (if you click on the “restaurant” tag on that post, it will take you to all my restaurant reviews)
I post about restaurants, theater, vacations, TV I like, or elephant jokes. I may fret about my Dad’s health. Or post neat photos. Never found my voice over there. But I try. There are about 100 people who have friended me and read it.
I started posting in 2004. It could be interesting to click on Archive , see where I was on a certain day to compare with where you were.
Please rest assured that I won’t post about you. There is one brief “friends locked post” (so only my friends can see it) that mentions I heard from an old beau. Nothing with your name. No details. And there won’t be. It is hard not to share this HUGE THING that has happened to me. But I know I can’t.
If you want to make an account and friend me, you will see a lot more, as most of my posts are “friends locked” these days. 

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