The Fan chat

September 7, 2010 Facebook chat

9:54pm Me Man, you are deep in my stuff now…Blog, Flickr, Bedlam…whoo…
9:54pm Phil like to be deep in your stuff
9:54pm Me Mmmm… That was like a shot…damn
arrow right between the legs!
9:55pm  Phil what did I say?
9:56pm Me Nothing *whistles
9:56pm Phil I have an arrow to shoot between those legs
9:57pm Me maybe one of these days I will let you read my erotica
9:57pm Phil it’s a spitting arrow
9:57pm Me heh
9:57pm Phil would love to read it
9:57pm Me I dunno
I haven’t shown it to anyone.
It may…um..suck. And not in a good way.
9:58pm Phil might wear my dick out
9:58pm Me I go through spurts (forgive the pun) of writing.
NO! I might need that for something later…
9:58pm Phil its pretty durable
9:58pm Me Phew
I write little snippets sometimes…40 pages other times.
Why am I telling you this?! No one knows about this stuff. NO ONE.
10:00pm Phil I know you can write erotica. I have already read some and it was amazing.
10:00pm Me Oh. True. You inspire me.
10:01pm Phil got me off like fireworks
10:01pm Me Good.
10:01pm Phil my dick got hard just thinking about it
was very good writing
10:02pm Me well…I had help.
10:03pm Phil my pleasure, literally
10:03pm Me blushing
10:04pm Phil like to make you blush cause you are coming so hard. 
do you flush when you cum?
10:06pm Me I don’t actually know.
Maybe you can tell me?
10:08pm Phil love to find out
10:09pm Me Have you seen the movie “Hunt for Red October?”
10:09pm Phil oh yeah
10:10pm Me There’s this concept, the crazy Ivan, I think it’s called…
where the captain zigs or zags at the bottom of the hour
10:10pm Phil my favorite author and actor
10:11pm Me That was quite a zag you made there…
10:11pm Phil me??????
10:12pm Me Ok…I admit I did a zig first…
I like it
10:12pm Phil uh huh
10:13pm Me Not complaining…
10:13pm Phil LOL
10:16pm Me  😉
10:17pm Phil gotta refill my drink, get naked
and relax
10:18pm Me Oh…
Maybe I will send you a story
10:20pm Me or just tell you one…
10:23pm Phil naked with a fresh drink, much better
10:24pm Me mmmm…. Anything else you’d like?
10:25pm Phil warm hand massaging my cock and balls, lots of lotion
10:25pm Me I am taking notes.
10:26pm Phil she tells me to lay back and relax, enjoy
mmmmm, feels so good
10:27pm Me maybe she tells you a story, while her hands do their magic…
10:28pm Phil mmmmm, that would be hot
10:29pm Me  It’s about an author…who writes sexy stories.
10:31pm Me 
His friend had talked him into reading at open mike. One of his 
erotic short stories. It was for Valentine’s Day, but it still made him feel vulnerable and exposed. He
 read and paused, as appreciative sighs filled the room, and
 knew it would be alright.
He noticed this woman, standing in the back against the wall. Staring right at him. He felt like
 he was reading to her, and that she felt it, too. He finished,
 and a crowd gathered around him to chat and congratulate and
 fawn and cluck. He searched the room for her, but she had gone.
He listened to the other artists awhile, but couldn’t get the
 hazy image of the woman out of his mind. Finally, he slipped
 out the side door and started toward the train. She spoke as
 he passed, startling him.
“Your story was…special. It touched me.” She 
whispered into the night air.
“Thank you,” he said, automatically. Brilliant. He tried 
to make out her face in the dim light of the street lamp.
“It made me…want to know you,” she sighed, almost as if 
she hadn’t wanted to admit it. He was sure his mouth hung open at
 that point.
10:34pm Phil oooooh
10:34pm Me He remembered himself in a few seconds, and decided to
 be flip. 
”So, what did you want to know?” He quipped, not really
 expecting her to answer. She looked away, then surprised him.
10:34pm Phil fresh from the shower, all clean and warm
10:34pm Me “What it would be like to inspire you.” He gulped in air.  
There didn’t seem to be enough air to fill his burning lungs.
realized that, somehow, in the last minute, something had passed
 between them.  It scared him, but drew him to her. 
”Can I walk you to the train?” He asked her.
10:35pm Phil inspire me
10:35pm Me She seemed
 to consider it carefully, then stepped forward and took his arm in
 silent acceptance. He felt her breast against his arm and wondered 
if he could remember how to walk. He managed.
10:36pm Phil love the soft feeling of a breast on my arm
10:36pm Me  He thought she would
 ask him mundane questions, quiz him about his story or his life. She
 was silent, seemingly deep in thought, walking in step with him.
10:36pm Phil always feels amazing
10:37pm Me He wanted to see her face, but she was beside him so he could
 only take in her long hair, swinging around her, and how she seemed
 just the right height to walk with him, and how her chest moved with 
each step.
They passed a pottery shop and she paused briefly to
 glance at the brightly colored bowls. Suddenly, she yanked him into 
the dark doorway, and pressed him against the stone of the building.
10:37pm Phil tits bouncing with each step, firm yet soft
10:38pm Me He felt the cold against his back, then the heat of her in front, 
as she wiggled to fit her body to his. Then she put her lips within
 a hair of his, and stopped. This seemed to be quite a distance for
 her initiative to take her, but not quite there.
He cursed the lack of light. He couldn’t see her eyes. But
 it didn’t seem to matter, he was taking her invitation and sinking
 his tongue into her mouth before he realized he’d decided to do it.
10:39pm Phil ummmm, can almost taste her lips, feel her breath
tongue darting, so hot, muuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh
10:40pm Me
He felt as hard as the stone against his back, and knew she felt it
 too by the breath she took when he raised his head momentarily. She
 worked her hand under his shirt, and put his hand on her breast.
 They teased each other’s nipples, nipping at necks and ears and noses.
 Smiling into each other’s mouths as their breathing raged out of
10:41pm Phil bodies pressing against each other
10:41pm Me This was crazy. He didn’t know this woman. He knew
 nothing except she liked his writing, that she had understood
 the call in it. And that she felt so right in his arms. It
 was nuts, but it made sense to him. He’d find out the other 
stuff later, if it became important
10:41pm Phil oh yea, nipples hard, bodies now grinding together
10:41pm Me He was startled back to 
the present by her hand at his belt. Oh, my god.
  She stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and
 whispered in his ear.
“I don’t usually…I mean, I haven’t…ever…without…” she
 couldn’t seem to say it, but he knew she was trying to justify
 this wildfire burning between two strangers in a dark doorway.
10:42pm Phil ohhh yessssssssssss
10:42pm Me “I know,” he murmured, hugging her even closer. That
 seemed to settle it.  She undid his belt, and slipped her hand
 inside his clothes to touch him.
10:43pm Phil me neither but I want you so badly, need to feel you, touch you, taste you
oh feels so good, so good
10:43pm Me He thought he’d pass out.
 She rubbed him just the right way for longer than he thought 
he could endure. He knew he should be touching her, but could not summon the brain power beyond savoring her touch. She 
removed one hand to her pocket, he heard a rip, then she was
 taking his sex from his pants, covering it with latex,
 and leading him to a ledge deeper in the doorway.
10:45pm Phil oh yes, I want you so badly, need to feel your warmth
10:45pm Me She stretched
 out on the stone, and pulled him down over her, into her.
10:45pm Phil oh, so hot, so wet, so tight, feels amazing
10:46pm Me
 combination of the time and place and strangeness and the latex
 set him off almost immediately. He pounded her into the stone,
 without thought of her soft body. She met his every thrust,
 moaning in his ear
10:47pm Phil hips rising to meet every thrust
10:47pm Me He felt the pulsing, the searing heat, and
 filled the plastic, thinking of filling her. She clenched him
 deep inside. His mind clung to every detail as he realized he 
would desperately need to write about this later.
10:48pm Me They clung to one another forever. Then sat close to
 each other on the ledge as they righted their clothes. There 
seemed to be so much to say, and yet nowhere to start.
10:48pm Phil oh yes, feels so good to cum, feeling your pussy clenching, squeezing every drop from me
10:49pm Me He
 finally took her arm, and they continued toward the train. He
 thought he should be panicking, but couldn’t get beyond the 
amazing afterglow. When they reached the platform, he expected
 her to disappear like the dream she seemed to him.
She chewed her lip. He feasted on seeing her in the light. The blue eyes…the lips…
10:50pm Phil don’t go, will I see you again?
10:50pm Me “I need to know more.” She whispered, a pleading look
 on her face.

“Yes.” It was all he could say. It seemed enough.
“Take me home with you.”

“Let me inspire you.”
10:51pm Phil I want to hold you, taste you, lie with you
10:52pm Me “Yes.”
She smiled. And his heart nearly jumped out of his chest.
He moaned and rolled his eyes. Then the train rumbled
 into the station and they boarded locked arm in arm.
10:54pm Phil going to lay back and stroke my cock. that was very hot, need to cum
10:54pm Me He lovingly wrote it all out…called it “The Fan.”
10:54pm Phil the fan, nice
10:55pm Me It made him a millionaire.
10:58pm Me Did that work?
10:59pm Phil stroking, feels great, imagining you stroking me
10:59pm Me Could you see it?
11:00pm Phil easily
11:00pm Me Cool.
I wrote that 16 years ago…
I think of it now and then…to make things happen.
I wish I was there…I’d find that spot.
11:02pm Phil oh yeah
11:02pm Me and lick it.
11:03pm Phil me too
oh yesss
11:03pm Me probably tease you with my tongue.
11:03pm Phil oh yeah
11:03pm Me if I re-wrote the story with you in it…I’d definitely add some oral sex…
knowing how you like have a tongue running around your cock…
11:04pm Phil ummm i do
11:04pm Me Man, I feel like a vixen tonight…
11:05pm Phil i luv it
11:05pm Me part angel, part devil…
11:05pm Phil best kind
11:05pm Me someone who could make you spurt all over and swallow…
most of it
and rub the rest all over my chest…
Phil oh yesss, want to taste it on your tongue
11:06pm Me and then slither up your body…
deep deep kisses…
until you are ready for me…
to do more.
11:07pm Phil yes close
11:08pm Me then I would look deep into your eyes
and sink down over you…
except right at the last second, I’d slam you so far up inside….
then whisper…Fuck me..Philip..
And you’d move…
11:10pm Phil yes Sassy  cumming
11:10pm Me exploding
feel the pulsing…the clenching…the twisting…
damn…white hot
11:11pm Phil mmmmmm, damn
now I’m ready to sleep
11:13pm Phil such a sexy story. like to curl up next to you and drift off
11:14pm Me yes
11:15pm Phil good nite Sassy
11:15pm Me g’night. Sleep well.
11:15pm Phil sweet dreams
11:15pm Me sexy dreams…
going to look at your photos…
11:16pm Phil nite

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