Thursday thoughts

I ran day 2 of my conference, and went out to the theater in the evening.  And Phil drove all day with his wife and kids in the car.  And we still managed to exchange 11 messages on Facebook.

August 26 at 9:14am
Is it okay for me to be sending you messages today? Don’t know who is in the car with you and whether it could be problematic. Of course, you may not be able to answer…
I am in bad shape when a simple sentence like “getting ready to step into the shower” sends me over the edge into an extended fantasy of what I could do if I were there… water…hands…mouth…egads. Wish I had more time to write that all out.
Teasing is good. Slow is usually good. Don’t know if we can manage that at the first…too much building up…
Though I still can’t quite see it happening for real. Very complicated…but I am trying to set that aside for now and just enjoy. I hate it when reality intrudes! Pushing it away…shove…kick…
Must run greet conference attendees and get them to the right rooms…pleasant professional, that’s me today!
Phil August 26 at 12:31pm
You can send me anything at any time. May take me a few to answer but love to hear from you!
August 26 at 12:43pm
Phew. I don’t know what you’ve said to whom…don’t want to get you in trouble. My husband does know you got in touch with me and that I am enjoying chatting with you, but not details. Have to run direct people to lunch…more later.
August 26 at 2:36pm
Eating lunch…a leftover kosher bag lunch that no one picked up – roast turkey on rye, potato salad, and a cookie! Quality stuff from the big Jewish deli in Boston. Staff is tired…ready to be done. But they’re still working hard, bless them.

I’m pondering why I like sharing little bits of my day with you…Maybe because it makes you seem closer.
I am visualizing you…the drive North…we did it so many times from my grandparents’ farm.  If I was with you, we could sing! Heh…what would we sing? Hymns…do you have favorites? Lady Gaga…”P-P-P-Poker Face!” or the Beatles “When I’m 64,” maybe Alan Jackson’s “Kiss an Angel Good Morning”…Carole King’s “You’ve Got A Friend?” I wonder if I could remember the words. Maybe you could teach me some of the newer religious music.
What part do you usually sing? We could do harmony…I am an alto these days, having progressed down from first soprano in H.S., 2nd soprano in college. I wonder if I will be a bass before I die!
We’d have to stop now and then for…kissing. The guys at the truck stop might get an eyeful. 🙂
Gotta run pack up. Be safe. *hugs*

Phil August 26 at 2:48pm
I told my wife we had been in touch. I have no PC up here, just my phone. I am a Republican though not die hard. I vote based on peoples position on the issues. I am very laid back. I don’t get upset about anything. I think people should earn their way, be compassionate towards others, allow people to be who they are. I’m pretty accepting, not shocked easily. I have almost no temper, don’t hold grudges. I have just always tried to stay me.
We are going to do dinner. Can’t wait to see you and actually talk. What happens, who knows. I know there is a ton of sexual energy. Always was. I would love to follow through. I love being wet and slippery in the shower. I would love to ravage you until we are both spent. I hope it is not offensive when I say cock. I can say penis or something like that. Hope the pictures were not offensive. I need to keep working on the weight I know. I still want to bury my cock deep inside of you, finding a rhythm and pace that you like. I want to feel you cum on my cock and then I want to cum deep inside of you. Is that offensive? 
August 26 at 3:22pm
Thanks for writing…I know you are having a long day and appreciate you sending me messages from your phone. My phone is completely dumb…can’t do much with it.
A Republican? Yikes. I was betting that you were. But this goes into the “Yankees” pile. 🙂 Up here, there are Democrats or democrats. Which is fine with me. Even the Democrats are too conservative for me most of the time. But I rarely get worked up about politics except for abortion rights (don’t tell me what to do with my own body!) and gay rights (why is it anyone’s business but theirs?!) But I try not to argue politics ever…no point.
Geesh…no grudges…you may have to tell me your faults some day so I don’t think you’re perfect. 🙂 But wait awhile. No sense shattering my illusions right now.
Please don’t fret about your weight. I probably outweigh you by 100 pounds. I have, as my mother puts it basically every time I see her, in shame, “let myself go.” I’ve tried lots of ways to change that but no luck. If I could change one thing about myself, that would be it.
Don’t worry about your language…the words you use are fine…and a clue into your mind, which is a very interesting place. It’s a little startling, because I haven’t seen it in a long time. But that’s okay, makes me realize this is a different thing from normal. And as my “normal” on that front is “zero” different is great! Don’t spend energy fretting about it. If there’s anything that bugs me, I will tell you. You can be real with me.

The picture you texted is too good…shoulders…smile…I can’t stop looking at it. I did wonder where you got that idea. I don’t think I can reciprocate…will think more about it. It was brilliant to send it. It is only bad in that it makes me ache to reach through the screen and touch you…and more.

August 26 at 5:28pm
Hope your drive is going well…wonder how far you’ve gotten…gorgeous day for driving.
Conference is done, everyone happy. Made it home…going to nap before I go out to the theater. Maybe I will dream…maybe something I can share. Still thinking about the last one…against the wall…and your extension of it. Whew…
Say hello to the old hometown for me. I was last there a few years ago for a going-away party for my parents before they moved over here.
I had a small fantasy about getting in my car and driving over there tonight… meeting you somewhere…know it is not in the cards, but it was fun to think about for a few moments. I do that a lot, try to play it out in my mind, see if I can find a scenario that would work. I can’t think of a place in town that would work. Maybe you can spin out an interesting story about what would happen if I was there.
Of course, any time I get within 30 miles of there, I start getting paranoid, looking over my shoulder and wondering who I will run into and who will call my parents and tell them how nice it was to run into me…can’t get away with anything. Shouldn’t matter anymore but old habits are hard to break.
So maybe we could meet half way…there’s a great mall with food court… public…safe for a first look…good gyros…and a hotel next door.
But you have family things to do. It’s fun to imagine.
Don’t pay any attention…just pondering. Can’t switch gears that fast from old, boring, faithful married lady to whatever I’d be if I followed through. Whole image of myself would have to change. Thought I’d never have a chance to even think about it. Possible…but complicated.
It’s odd how mixed up I am…the idea of dinner in December scares me, but then I am scheming to find you tomorrow. Heh.
Off to nap…then the show. Then home to check Facebook. May have to buy a smarter phone.
Phil August 26 at 5:51pm
Dinner is a certainty. Will see what we can set up. Will be back in October by myself. Good opportunity then. The fantasy is wonderful. Standing in the mall hard as can be thinking about it. Thinking about dinner, sitting next to you sliding my hand up under your dress, stroking the inside of your thigh, feeling your legs part so I can go higher, hearing you sigh, taking a breath as my fingers hit your panties. Sliping a finger underneath. Ummm
Phil August 26 at 10:17pm
Licking that finger as you watched. Feeling your hand now on my leg, sliding up to grasp my hardness. Both of us wanting the other. We would still be old married folk. Faithful, not so much. Understand, I will never force anything. This will never move past your comfort zone. Those are the rules. We can have fun, enjoy each other as far as your comfort goes. I never want you to say what was I thinking. If you said, it was hot, it was wonderful, made me feel sexy and alive. I’m very good with that. You are very special to me. I love learning about you, hearing your thoughts and fantasies. Would love to live them out. Do not for a second think I expect anything. What happens 🙂
Phil August 26 at 10:20pm
All of that said, I want you. I want to lick kiss, touch you every where. I want to feel your hands and mouth on me. Your body pressed close to mine. Just saying Sassy. You turn me on like you did 30 years ago.
Phil August 26 at 11:02pm
Hope the play went well. Sweet dreams

Between Phil and You
[He texted me a photo of his younger brother]

August 26 at 11:44pm
Thanks for the sweet photo of Tommy! That was a very nice thing to do.
I was kind of weirded out when I saw it, for two reasons:
1) Just this evening, you were taking that photo at the exact moment I was sitting at the play thinking of you two. The way you are reading my mind across the miles and the years is just plain spooky. What does it mean? On the same wavelength is an understatement.
The play was a very funny, sexy, and sad. I lost so many friends to AIDS… dredged that all up. *sigh*
I was thinking about you during the sexy parts, and several of the guys I dated in high school during the funny parts, and I was going through their names in my mind and suddenly I realized that I dated your brother. Duh…I know…just hadn’t connected that in my mind. I wanted to ask you about Tommy – is he healthy? Happy? What does he do? Is his wife nice?
But then I couldn’t remember if you knew that he took me to my prom, and worried that there might be weirdness on that front. And then I remembered that you would see Tommy this weekend, and that we should have talked about him earlier, settled any questions on that front. Make sure there isn’t any weirdness.
2) Does he know that he is toasting me? Did you tell him we were back in touch? (The irony of that phrase makes me giggle… touch…heh…I’ll say) Or did you tell him some other reason to take that photo?
Of course, once again I can’t remember anything about my relationship with him. He must of broken up with me, because I’ve only ever broken up with one guy and it wasn’t him. But I don’t recall any huge angst about it.
I do hope he remembers me kindly.
Again what is the matter with my brain. I still know my phone number, I swear.
In a way, I hope you can talk to him…or someone…about me and what’s going on…so you have an outlet to share your good news. On the other hand, I hope you don’t because…it could hurt people, so it scares the crap out of me. Whichever you chose is fine…I’m just noodling about it. Tired, emotional from the play…

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