That 25 message day

My head is spinning from yesterday.  We exchanged a dozen messages in which he 

  • apologized for dumping me years ago
  • gave me back amazing memories of my first kiss  
  • got all sexy, saying he wants me… no matter what I look like now 
  • then got even sexier in a chat!

My mind and my body came to life in a way it hasn’t for… YEARS!  

A new day dawned.  August 25th… while I was running the conference and he was sitting in meetings and then driving to the beach… we sent 25 messages back and forth.   I told him about my life and my work, and he was sexy back.  Here are the best of them!

August 25 at 6:54am
Good morning. It’s another dreary day here…and I have to go in to work early. And the silly cat barfed on the rug.  And I am thinking of you and smiling.
Phil August 25 at 10:08am
I don’t believe for a second that you aren’t as exciting in person. Last nite was fun and sexy. Went to sleep with a big smile. Have been grinning much of the day. Glad we shook the cobwebs off old feelings. You are much too young to not be appreciated as the hot, sexy woman that you are. You deserve to be ravaged and enjoyed. Still thinking about how you have learned to use your hands. Makes me instantly hard just thinking about it. Loved having you tell me I made you wet. Have a great day. I like the grown up Sassy.
August 25 at 10:19am
I found a photo of that girl, age 14. My sister has a page of her old photos.  It’s one of those Olan Mills family photos.  I’ll email you a link to her album.  

Phil August 25 at 10:40am
You are that girl. Always will be. Silly girl.
Phil August 25 at 10:48am
That picture brings back a flood of memories. That’s how I remember your Mom and Dad. See the same girl sitting on a carousel in your FB photo. Love your hair, I remember the glasses. Several good pictures in that album. Thank you. My memory was pretty good.
Between You and Phil
Phil August 25 at 12:19pm
Sitting in a meeting, imagining you last night. Good image. Enjoyed flipping through your sister’s old photos.  Still thinking about pressing you against the wall, you able to feel me hard and ready, kissing your neck, working towards your breast, a sigh as I take your nipple in my mouth. Geez, not gonna get any work done this way. 
August 25 at 12:47pm
Taking a break for lunch… staff chattering all around me at the conference, munching on bag lunches…if they only knew what was going on under the desk! There’s all sorts of tingling going on…and it’s your fault! It is great the way I can give you a little snippet of a dream and you can spin it into the most amazing magic!
Phil August 25 at 2:52pm
Tingling is good. Everyone should tingle. I’m glad I can do that. I just added how I would enhance the dream. I know how I would carry that out. We would shift to the couch cause your knees got weak. From your breasts, I would have continued on until my tongue was circling and then licking that wonderful wet spot. Would find what you liked and then focus until you cum. Then move to the bed and start all over.

August 25 at 3:14pm
Finally made it back to my office. Is your meeting over yet?
Have you heard the saying “I’ll be in my bunk”? Folks in the sci fi world use it as a code for “I am so turned on, I have to go away and um…take care of it on my own.” It’s from the old TV series, “Firefly.” Here’s a clip – watch first 30 seconds 

 Did you see that series? There were only 14 episodes and a movie “Serenity” made, but it’s an amazing “space western” with funny bits, good guys vs. bad guys fighting and space travel. Definitely worth getting the DVD if you haven’t seen it. 
Anyway…I will be in my bunk. *cough*
Phil August 25 at 4:35pm
I have a mental image of you in your bunk. That has me very turned on again. I never saw the series though. I was in my bunk last night though. Made a mess too. Thought about your hands bringing me close again and again and then finally letting me go. I love oral giving and receiving. When was the last time anyone made you cum over and over with their tongue and then replaced their tongue with something longer and harder? Damn, I need to go to my bunk again.

Hope you enjoyed going to your bunk. Sure turned me on. I remember vividly slipping my fingers inside you and then licking your juices from my fingers. You smelled wonderful and I loved the way you tasted. Would have loved to clean your fingers in your bunk.

August 25 at 9:02pm
So since we’ve tackled my history, religion and my hobbies, I can ask you ANOTHER QUESTION. What are your your politics? Do you vote? Democrat? Republican? Some other theory? Are there any issues that you get worked up about?

Between You and Phil
Phil August 25 at 9:49pm
What an interesting story of your life. It sounds like a wonderful adventure. Been reading and driving. Have to read it more carefully later. Feel like a kid. I get all excited when a msg pops in. Thank you!

August 25 at 9:56pm
Wait a sec…you are driving and reading? That doesn’t sound safe…be careful! Nothing bad can happen to you now, you here?  I was waiting…hoping for one more message before I go to bed. Now I can go. More tomorrow in between conference sessions.
Phil August 25 at 10:05pm
Sweet dreams

[He texted a photo of his face and naked upper body.  No one had ever texted me a photo!]

August 25 at 10:20pm
I can hear you saying “WAIT! One more message before you go!” And then you send me THAT PICTURE! Holy cow…
What it would be like to have dinner with you?
To be able to see your smile.
To see the twinkle in your eyes.
To feel you touch my arm when you ask me to pass the rolls and feel a jolt of electricity unlike any in a long, long time.
To hear your voice. Maybe some teasing, salacious words whispered…
or a stray hand between bites.
To hear your breath catch when I whisper back. Something poetic…or dirty.
To hear you laugh!
But the harsh torture of not being to tell what you are thinking, whether you are entranced or polite. The torture of waiting…not being able to touch you in other places..yet? Or maybe we decide not ever.
Sweet torture. Sucking on lobster legs…slowly, loudly. Licking my fingers…to get off the butter. Losing a piece of lobster down my front and gingerly fetching it…unbuttoning an extra button to reveal a little more flesh…then buttoning it again. You twisting in your chair. Staring…a gaze so hot I almost melt into a puddle of desire.
Skipping dessert?
Phil August 25 at 10:20pm
Made it to the beach. Good night. Hope u have sexy dreams
Phil August 25 at 10:39pm
I love it! Would like to do that. Lots of touching, teasing, flesh exposed, walking behind you pressing my hard cock against you as I walk by. Catching glimpses down your shirt. Deciding to have each other for desert. Hard again. I love this feeling. May not make it all the way to December.
Good Night
Between You and Phil
Phil August 25 at 11:55pm
Getting ready to step into the shower. Just found the yearbook with dance picture of us. You look so hot. Thinking about you sucking lobster legs and licking the butter off your fingers. My dirty little mind is seeing something very different. The tease is very important, makes the entire thing. When you get to the point where you want to rip each others clothes off, you got it right. I’d like it much more slowly, button by button, licking, kissing, sucking. Unbuttoned your pants, slipping them off you. Kissing and licking down outside your panties. Feeling you get wetter. Pushing them aside so my tongue can slip inside of you. Tasting you, feeling your body tense as my tongue touches that sweet spot. Feeling your hips push against me pulling my tongue deeper. Your juices now flowing, legs shaking, slight moans, breaths coming quicker and becoming gasps and then feeling you cum. Ummmmm. I yearn to feel your hands on my cock stroking me, teasing, bringing me so close. I’ll go to sleep with those thoughts. Also can’t help thinking about rubbing my cock over your pussy, up and down, easing in and then back out, teasing, feeling your hips thrust up to meet me and then finally thrusting deep and hard inside you

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