The hot chat

August 24, 2010
Phil    Better get to bed girl                               10:58pm
Me     Oh, hello!
Phil     hope we have a date for lobster when I am in New England
I’ll drive to Boston                                             10:59pm
Me     The idea scares the crap out me
Phil     why?
I’ll behave                                                          11:00pm
Me     No, not about you…
Phil     we don’t have to do dinner. Don’t want to make you uncomfortable ever.
          would love to see you but only if you are comfortable with it    11:02pm
Me     I will probably get used to the idea…just feeling old and fat     11:05pm
Phil    You are younger than I am so you are not old. I look at your pictures and see the same Sassy. We all gain weight as we age, me too. I am certainly not the size I was. You might want to keep an eye on my hands. they always gravitated towards your ass.
sorry, that was true but probably crude             11:06pm
Me I have been thinking way too much about your hands, and my hands and…
Phil         me too. Remember touching you, tasting you,
been thinking about it for the past couple days.
Do you still powder your …..?                               11:08pm
Me     Phew…it’s hot in here!
Phil      that was inappropriate too
good. good for us, keeps the heart pumping         11:09pm
Me     That’s for sure.
Where was there powder?                                      11:10pm
Phil      You powdered your breasts. was wonderful
Me     Ah…of course…
Yes.                                                              11:11pm
Phil    sitting here in shorts and the impact of this discussion is rather obvious
Me     heh
Phil     that’s nice. Loved the powder
we did that at camp                                      11:12pm
Me     My goodness…you do have a mind like steel trap.
Phil      you were wearing overalls
Me     How can you remember that?!
Go on…                                                          11:13pm
Phil     I had my hands down the back of them. I’ll never forget that  11:14pm
Phil     It was a very hot weekend                           11:15pm
Me     Camp was always an adventure…
Phil     oh yea, we made it more so                        11:18pm
Phil     your lips were amazing, your tongue aggressive and so hot. Your body defied description. We never did anything bad though. Lot of touching but we were good kids
I have been sipping wine, hope I am not being too forward    11:19pm
Me     No. no…forward is good.
You had them…strong shoulders…arms…               11:20pm
Phil      I am so frigging hard, I assume this has a similar effect on you.       11:21pm
Me     Wet
Phil     Still got em. Never quit working out
you always were.                                             11:22pm
Me     were?
Phil      wet. I loved the way you tasted and smelled    11:23pm
Me     Your fault, that…
Phil     good. I’m glad.                                             11:24pm
Phil     Always loved that I could make you wet
You never had any trouble making me hard     11:25pm
Me     There was…chemistry.
Phil     We never did anything about that but I did taste you on my fingers. Always wished i had the opportunity to do that the right way             11:26pm
Me     It’s so bizarre what was “allowed” and what wasn’t in those days…   11:28pm
Phil    We always had chemistry. yes, we were pretty tame. Lord knows I would have loved more.  Drives me crazy thinking of you hot and wet. I love it.  11:30pm
Me     I don’t recall you ever pressing me, I mean, in bad way. Some guys were pretty forceful and disappeared quickly when I made it clear where the line was…
Had you “gone all the way” already?
Is that too personal?                                                          11:31pm
Phil     I would never have pressed you to do anything you were not ready to do. I was not like that. never was, never will be. It was you I liked, may have loved, not what i could get from you
No, never. Did not till I was 19
Me     You know that was unusual, right?  Special….
Wow. I am surprised. You were so hot and all the girls were after you…       11:32pm
Phil  Not my style.
I was very tame. Nothing is too personal by the way. we have been having a very personal discussion.
I love it.                                                                  11:34pm
Me     So is your wife the only one?                         11:36pm
Phil      She was for 29 years. My first and only. We were separated for a couple years and I met someone. Was not what I hoped for.
Me     That must have been tough…                        11:38pm
Me     My mind is boggling…I thought with you being in the military and all… nevermind.                                                              
Phil     was coming for a while. We always got along great. We go out to eat, have fun, good conversations, the physical part did not click.  11:39pm
Phil  oh no, I never did that. I could not. I needed both the physical attraction and the emotional attraction. can’t get that from someone you just met. Only had that a couple times.                                                                  11:40pm
Me     I didn’t get married until I was much older, so I had a lot longer to make a fool of myself…
I’m coming up on 14 years of marriage soon.  I have been completely faithful, once I made the big promise.                                           11:41pm
Phil     good for you. I always wished I had the opportunity to make love to you. We were too young and I would never have pushed that on you.
you were very sexual. i’m sure you still are. Your husband is a lucky guy.  11:42pm
Me     No…I was a devoted virgin in those days. Seems silly now.
But I was so worried about guys gossiping…reputation was so important…11:43pm
Phil     I don’t know about that. Thought about what it would have been like over the years. thinking about it now.
I was not a gossiper
never told anybody anything about us and we were pretty active for the day  11:44pm
Me     Well…this is where it gets very personal…I don’t talk about this with anyone…why does it feel like I can tell you?        11:45pm
Phil we could always talk. It was easy for us. the physical part came naturally to us. I was not a pushy horny jerk. I just enjoyed spending time with you. The physical part was an added benefit.                               11:46pm
Me     I’m trying to figure out a way to talk about me without talking about my husband… tricky stuff.                          11:47pm
Phil      ahhhhh,
yea, that can get that way              11:48pm
Me     We don’t…I mean…he doesn’t…want me anymore in that way.
Phil     I will say that if I had ever had the opportunity with you, I would have taken it. I always knew that
oh that sucks. I am still a very horny boy           11:50pm
Me     I really don’t think you would now. Both the married bit and the fact that I am not what anyone would consider sexy anymore. Online, yes…on the phone, yes…still have my sexy voice…but
But here…I can put my hands on you and do what I want!       11:51pm
Phil      I would hold you and love you just because you are you.
Go ahead and touch away. I like it!                       11:53pm
Phil  Would still love to lick every inch of your body
especially the wet parts
Me     I had this dream the other night…you were in a hotel room, and I knocked at the door, and you gave me a big hug. And then turned to put on your shoes. I think my husband was in the car, and you turned back to me and pressed me against the wall.
And you said, very clearly, “I am going to do what I should have done years ago.”    11:54pm
Phil     MMMMMM, oh yea,                              11:54pm
Me     And you were hard as a rock, pressed against me…    11:55pm
Phil     I’m sure my cock was pressed against you and my hands on your breasts. Have thought about that as well
Me     (This dream was days ago, before you said anything much to me)
And I was trying to figure out how long I could stay there, with hubby out in the car…
And I couldn’t think…with you touching me…mouth…hands…
even your breathing was exciting…                     11:57pm
Phil     wow. I have always wanted you, still do. I want to undress you, touch and kiss you everywhere. Taste your breasts again. Feel you pressing back against me, knowing how wet you were.
I am breathing hard now, my breathing is not the only thing hard. Took the shorts off, much more comfortable                                    11:59pm
Phil     wish it were your hands touching me     12:01am
Phil     i would kneel down before you and slip my tongue inside of you. I want to taste you again so badly. Feel you knees go weak as you pulled me closer
Me     There was a big couch and you sat down and pulled me down with you…and I…was so close to you…
Phil     would pay special attention to those powdered breasts, sucking and licking your nipples
go on, I like this                                     12:02am
Me     That’s when the alarm went off!
Phil     this is a good dream
Me     It’s spooky…                                12:03am
Me     I don’t usually dream about…like that. Fantasies, yes, lots…but not dreams…
Phil     Sometimes dreams come true.  I could very easily see that scenario
Me     Oof.                                             12:05am
Phil      oof?
I could fill in the blanks after the alarm went off
Me     Sorry…losing my vocabulary…my brain is addled…was thinking about your tongue…                                         12:06am
Phil     I would truly love that, would love to make you cum with my tongue 12:08am
Me     Been forever…but you could probably change that.
Phil     Was always into your ass, so would have to pay attention there too. The thought of gently rubbing my hard cock against you, slowly easing inside of you has me ready to explode
I would.         12:08am
Me Pulsing     12:09am
Phil     Ummm, pulse away babe, that’s a good thing
now naked wishing I were with you the same way         12:11am
Phil     You never touched me and I always longed for that but I never pressed it. Like I said, never would.
hope you are getting off cause I am. wish we were doing it for real              12:12am
Me     I would definitely touch you now.
I didn’t touch you then? What a dope.        12:13am
Phil     I would definitely let you.
you never touched me
I touched you everywhere
Would love to do it again                           12:14am
Me     Damn…I am so mad at my mind…that it let go of all that…
but I have learned a bit since then
what to do with my hands
how to make you burn…
and feel like you are going to go over the edge, but then hold back…and burn some more…  12:16am
Phil     i WOULD LOVE THAT. Would love to see what you have learned.       12:17am
Phil     I would love that. would love to feel your hands working me, bringing me to the edge and then backing off and doing it again and again  12:18am
Me     There’s usually a spot…on the underside…to press and let go…squeeze…and pull just a bit…
Phil     man that’s hot. I am not looking to break anything up but I’d give a lot for a night like that                     12:19am
Me     I dunno… much of it may be that it is clandestine…not allowed…
Phil     i have that spot. Love to be touched there, very sensitive there
Maybe.                      12:20am
Me     Carrying through would put you back in conflict land…wouldn’t want that…
But it sure is hot to think about it…
talk about it…
Phil   don’t care. I need to cum, you need to cum, I’m a big boy now         12:21am
Me     I bet you are.
Phil    would love to have your feet over my shoulders, pounding you. I have always wanted to be inside you
bigger at the moment        12:23am

Me     When I think that far, I am on top of you…gently lowering over you…with your hands on my chest…and my hair draped all around you like a curtain, closing out the word…                        12:23am
Phil     Would also love to flip you over and get you on your knees and take you from behind
would love to be holding your breasts as you lower yourself onto me. I love a woman on top. Always loved your hair. That’s so sexy           12:25am
Phil    I am not big, actually measured once, 7 inches but thick and I don’t tire.
Me     Rocking…higher…lower…hair brushing you…
Phil    What’s your favorite thing sexually?       12:26am
Me     Hmmm…
Phil     ride my cock Sassy, mmmm, I have dreamed of this, oh yeaaaaa     12:27am
Me     deep kisses…words…the rhythm of the final moments…                 12:29am
Phil     I love to kiss. Always loved your tongue. I like to talk while making love, some times endearing, sometimes a little dirty, Love looking into your eyes as we finish
As I said, I love the way you kiss, the feel of your lips, your tongue entwined with mine
Me     Oh yes…but it’s all good…up, down, over, hand, tongues… front…back.     12:31am
Phil     We would leave each other totally spent  12:32am
Me     I’d let you rest for at least 10 minutes      12:33am
Phil     I want it all too. I have no taboos, if it feels good try it. I would lick every inch of your body first. 10 minutes is more than I need.
Me     then I’d have to start biting on your neck…you know that spot…licking…biting…
Phil     Umm, I like biting
I am creating a small puddle here
you have me dripping        12:34am
Me     Good                       12:35am
Phil    LOL, there’s my girl 12:35am
Me     I am still a sass…      12:36am
Phil    I want to be inside of you so badly, deep hard strokes
you are still a sassy thing, I love it
sassy, sexy, and hot as hell
attitude and personality has so much more to do with this than anything else. I remember this attitude. I loved it. Same Sassy. We would rock each other’s world     12:38am
Me     You do…
Feels like an earthquake… 12:39am

Phil    I want you that way. Would I embarrass you by whispering dirty things in your ear?
Me     At dinner?
Phil    we can start there, as my hand slides up your leg
Me     Wear loose pants.    12:40am
Phil    I will
Me     Heh
Phil   need room for growth
you do know there will be tongue involved in that kiss hello              12:41am
Me     I don’t know whether to leave myself a note that says “Do NOT go near his room or car” or a note that says “get him alone ASAP!”
This is where the scared witless part comes in…          12:42am
Phil     If we are alone, I am going to make love to you in every way we can think of. maybe that helps
Me     But I will set that aside for now                           12:44am
Phil     you have me so hard
hope I have you as wet. What are you wearing. Already told you I was naked                                                                                              12:45am
Me     Dark blue lace…                                                  12:45am
Phil     hope you enjoyed this as much as i have
I like lace
I like Blue, not as good as green but nice                     12:46am
Me     I don’t think that’s possible…you are having a pretty good time over there…but it has been wonderful..
NO green…never ever…
Phil     LOL
Me     But if you’d loan me a shirt…maybe…     12:47am
Phil     I would loan you a football jersey
Me     You are too kind…
As long as it not the Yankees!
Phil    you would look good in that and nothing else

Me     you take my breath away…                     12:48am
Phil    I would love to take your breath away     12:49am
Me     I’ll be better next time…less rusty…more focused…if there is a next time…
Me     I will work on shutting out reality and honing in on you and what’s make you moan…                                                           12:50am
Phil    oh there will a next time if you are willing. This was so hot. I am so hot now. This is just going to build up over the next couple of months        12:51am
Me     “The Longest Foreplay on record, folks…”
And then it will snow…about 3 feet…      12:51am
Phil    you make me moan. Your hands on me, your mouth on me, you riding my hard cock, feeling me explode inside of you
who cares.    12:52am
Phil     You pick the place, we’ll have drinks, eat great lobster and whisper dirty thoughts in each other’s ear. No guarantees about my hands
Me     I’ve got to sleep…I don’t want to right now…but tomorrow is going to be brutal at work
Though I will have a smile on my face and no one will know why.      12:53am
Phil     ok, I can’t sleep in my current condition but that’s ok. We should do this on the phone some time
a smile is wonderful.
You have a pretty smile     12:54am
Me     Thank you…              12:55am
Phil    no thank you. Was a sexy, hot night, with a sexy hot woman. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different
Phil    Nite Sass, sleep well, have a great day tomorrow. Good luck with the conference

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