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Monday August 23 at 10:05am
Morning! I hope your week is off to a good start. It’s a rainy, cold, yucky day here, so I am looking for sunshine elsewhere.
I thought of about a dozen questions I wanted to ask you…but I will restrain myself and only ask one…When did you change to being called “Phil?” or was I the only one who thought of you as “Philip?”
Phil August 23 at 11:49am
You may ask me anything you like. Very few people call me Philip. I guess that happened in the military. I know in high school it was Philip. My Mother never called me anything but Philip (may have been a few choice words when she was mad). Over the years, I have simply become Phil. I’m pretty casual so Phil fits. I use Philip if it’s something more formal. Most of my high school friends still call me Philip. 

We had rain over the weekend but today is very plesant. Low 80s with sunshine. It has been so hot this summer, this is a nice break. Spent the weekend working on a neighbor’s house. Saw some old friends so it was nice. Meetings today at work so not too bad a day. Tomorrow driving North to visit family.  Hope you had a great weekend and hopefully the rain will quit and you will have a nice week. You are not a Patriots fan by any chance?
August 23 at 4:48pm
Thanks for the scoop on the name thing! You’ll always be Philip to me, unless in person you’ll seem more “Phil” now. Hard to say.
What a varied week you have! Meetings sound ghastly, but if it makes for a good day for you, that’s great. Safe travels…it is so good to get together with family in the summer.
I’m running a huge conference Wednesday and Thursday for 500 people. So my week at work is focused on that. I have lots of helpers, thank goodness. 
My weekend was busy – went out for lobster Friday night, helped my dad get to the doctor on Saturday, took an elderly friend out for her birthday Sunday, more visiting my parents. I did sneak in a nice brunch on Saturday. Bacon! My sister is away visiting in-laws. We share helping our folks, but with her gone, it is more on me right now.
I am not a football fan, so you and I are saved from much Pats discussions. Never been to a game except in high school! Living here, I can’t help but know what goes on with the Pats, as they are front page news. I used to be a diehard Red Sox fan, went every week. But I stopped during the strike in ’94 and got out of the habit. I do keep a close eye of them, and watch games with my dad. My big sport to follow is figuring skating.  My family and I traveled all over to see competitions from 1995-2004: Worlds, Nationals, Skate America and met all the big stars. But they messed up the scoring system after the Salt Lake Olympics and it has mostly killed the sport for us. Having seen it live, watching it on TV is awful. Imagine if TV only covered the fourth quarter of the football play-off games, three weeks after they happened. *sigh* 
Since you will be away, I guess I will sneak in one more question. You stay in D.C. during the week and head to the beach on the weekends?
Phil August 23 at 5:05pm
I have to say figure skating is not my thing although I do enjoy the artistry and athleticism required. I am a big football fan though. get to as many games as I can. I love my Yankees too. I think its wonderful that you have such interest and had the opportunity to travel and experience something you enjoy at that level. 

I do the geographic bachelor thing. I stay up here all week and commute to the Beach on the weekends. I hate the commute but it’s wonderful to get out of DC for the weekend. I get Facebook on my phone so I’m never really away. This has been a wonderful way to keep up with family and friends. 

I too love brunch and bacon! I try to only eat it once a week but do sneak in the occassional BLT. I figure the healthy stuff equals out the unhealthty tasty stuff so its ok. Lobster is so expensive here. I eat my fill any time I get to new England though. I have a trip to New England coming up and I will get my share. Back to work for a bit and then off to the gym. Allows me to have that bacon every now and again. 🙂
August 23 at 9:39pm
Hi, again. This is fun. I hope I am not pestering you too much. Beware…this message contains two questions! Heh. And an unsolicited opinion about your baseball tastes, a slight flirtation, and food chatter. 🙂
Yankees? Yetch. I can not understand that. They look like overpaid jerks from here.
“Geographic bachelor.” Never seen that phrase before. Very descriptive. Of course, the bachelor part had my mind wandering to places that an old married lady shouldn’t go, but never mind that.
Do you cook? I am not of much use in the kitchen, but I make really good reservations!
Lobster is on sale all over the place here. My little fish place around the corner has a special with lobster, mussels, corn on the cob and cole slaw for $15.95. Of course, the best cheap way to get it is to buy lobster at the grocery store, get them to steam it right there, then run home and eat it. Heh.  I go through spells where I could eat it every night. And then I don’t have any for months. Summer seems to bring on the cravings.
I tried bacon ice cream yesterday. Our local ice cream shop guy likes to try out odd flavors. It tasted more like bacon bits than regular, but it was tasty. Three of us split a kiddy cup just to see what it was like. Last week I tasted two new flavors – Thai Iced Tea, and Chai ice cream. Both were not good…tasted like tea that had steeped too long. Blech.
How did you end up with all those dogs? They are so cute. I looked at those photos several times!
Phil August 23 at 10:34pm
I do cook. I like to make Italian, anything on the grill, I like to try casseroles, and love any kind of seafood.  

Dogs find you, you know?  

Nothing wrong with flirtatious. Do you have any recollection of going to camp? Was the most memorable and electric kiss of my life. I’ll never forget it. Old married guys should not think like that but I am in the bachelor part of the week.

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