Telling other people

Too many times over the weekend I read over his messages and our chat.  They made me smile.

I looked at his Facebook account.  There were dozens of photos!  I clicked on every photo posted, soaking up details about his home, his family, his pets, and his travels.  But mostly, I stared at him.  He still had a full head of dark hair, broad shoulders, a trim body and a beautiful smile.  I cringed thinking of the half dozen photos of me online… the frumpy older lady with her husband at some party.  I hate cameras!  Thank goodness my profile photo was one of me alone of a carousel with my hair down and a big smile.

It felt like this huge thing had happened.  Which seemed silly, but there you have it.

I told other people the news and began to pick up more facts about him.

  • My little sister was out of town, so I sent her an email. 

I hope you had all your excitement pre-flight and the rest was easy.

The relentless Classmates.Com send me an email saying “you’ve received a private message from Phil Xxxxx.”  I thought…”That’s it…they may have finally found a way to make me give them money.”  But then I thought, “Hey!  Maybe I can find him on Facebook.”  Couldn’t find him on Facebook.  So I googled him, found him on LinkedIn.  But can’t see details.  But that gave me enough info to find him on Facebook.  But wait…I don’t remember anything about him.  No point really.

So I went back to the Classmates message and thought  “I wonder how far it will let me get before it asks for money?”  and started clicking.  Lo and behold, it let me see the message for free!
Phil Xxxxx (view profile)
my name
August 18, 2010 08:28:29 AM
Hi, from Phil!
Hey, how have you been?  Hope life has treated you well.
Living in DC now, still in the military and enjoying it.
I get to the old home town several times a year.  Still many great memories.
There was a photo. Can’t see the guy I knew, but it seems harmless enough, so I sent a friend request on Facebook.  Then I realized this broke my resolve never to friend anyone from high school.  So I go check to see if he has any friends from there.  Nope.  Heh.  

We’ll see.  You can tell me I’m a dope now.


She thought the photo looked like him and said, “I can’t believe you friended him.  He hurt you so badly!”  I couldn’t believe she remembered that… she was in first grade when he left town!  
  • I sent a Facebook message to my best friend from high school, asked her if she remembered him.  She said she did and she couldn’t believe I didn’t because I had adored him and been so hurt when we broke up.  She remembered that he had long brown hair and was an athlete.  She thought it was a good thing it wasn’t one of my other goofy boyfriends (that she’d also dated) that had contacted me.  
  • I went to visit my mom and dad.  They remembered him fondly from church, said he had a beautiful voice and sang in the choir.  My mother said he was a good boy, always around to help out at events.  She thought she’d seen a photo in the local paper that he was promoted.  
  • I told my online penpals.  There were about half a dozen friends I wrote to every week.  I was fascinated at how their reactions varied from curiosity to a warning about married men who contact old flames to ignoring that news altogether!
  • I told my husband I’d heard from my first boyfriend in high school, and that he wanted to take me out for pizza when he was up here in December.  He thought that was interesting.  

I was surprised how much I thought about him.  I wanted to know more.

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