Easter Egg Butts

April 20, 2019 Saturday

11:56 AM Sassy
A tasty breakfast for a rainy Saturday! Ham & cheese omelet, an English muffin with raspberry jam and an iced chai latte!

12:00 PM Sassy
Good morning kid! Rainy day here… but warm 69 degrees! So the balcony door is open!

12:17 PM Phil
Sunny and warm here!
Enjoy the day!

12:54 PM Sassy
You cooking tomorrow?

1:23 PM Phil
Smoked turkey

1:25 PM Sassy
We’re going to my sister’s – she hired a chef.

1:32 PM Phil
Oh wow! Cool!
Sunrise service followed by the praise service and then we are going to enjoy the day and our pretty gardening.

1:32 PM Sassy
Sounds fantastic!

1:34 PM Sassy
What a wonderful new use for a police dog!


(CNN) As the children of David and Louise Turpin spoke about taking their life back and the nightmares they still have, a yellow Labrador sat quietly next to them.

The dog, Raider, has been meeting with the siblings ever since their parents were arrested early last year and their lives were turned upside-down. One of the 13 children — who ranged in age from 2 to 29 — managed to escape their filthy home in Perris, California, and called police. Authorities said the siblings had been isolated from the outside world and were often denied showers, medical care and food.

The Turpin children have been able to play with Raider numerous times as they navigated courthouses, prosecutors’ offices and other legal settings in the past year.  While on duty, Raider wears a blue vest as well as a police badge around his neck.

7:51 PM Phil

[photo of his hand in the hot tub with a cigar and a snifter of Scotch]

Enjoying the evening

7:53 PM Sassy
Ha ha… cats rule!

It’s a monsoon here but I am still letting the breeze blow in off the balcony!

You having a good soak?

8:09 PM Phil

[photo of his front walk with flower beds and a football decal]

Got all the beds done, looks good

8:11 PM Sassy
What did you plant?

Will your football team decal grow?

9:05 PM Phil
The team one will grow into champs.  😉
Petunias, daisies, tulips, iris, a mix of shade and sun flowers

Just want to add some color

9:06 PM Sassy
Sounds perfect!

9:12 PM Sassy


Glitter Eggs Butts Are The New Easter Trend That No Bunny Was Egg-specting

Happy holidays, everybody!

9:13 PM Phil
Ha! Love it

9:16 PM Sassy
I was getting photos off my work laptop computer and came across a bunch of old photos of you at work

9:17 PM Phil
At my new job, I run into my former colleagues every day. Very cool.

9:18 PM Sassy
Remember that injured kid – the photo says [redacted] kid – do you know what happened to him?

He looked kinda like you?

9:19 PM Phil
He is still in the military, in a good job – [redacted].
He got married and is doing very well.
They stay in touch which is nice

9:21 PM Sassy
Cool! Is he stateside or far away?

9:21 PM Phil
He is in the states.

9:21 PM Sassy
Wow… that’s so good!

9:22 PM Phil
[photo of him in uniform with a younger guy who looks a lot like him]

This one?

He wanted a different job but the injury prevented that.
We got him into another line and he loves it.

9:25 PM Sassy
Yes! I remember that. So glad he could move on to something.
That was one of the few guys that brought on threesome thoughts for me! Ha!

9:32 PM Phil
Ha! You make me leap to attention.
Never been involved in one of those but thinking of how that works made all the blood flow to the right places

9:35 PM Sassy
It’s fun to think about but can get weird so easily.
You’re plenty for me!

9:37 PM Phil
Not my thing but interesting.
I’m not much for sharing. Rather have you to myself too.
That thought makes me much harder

9:38 PM Sassy
[another photo of him in uniform with the younger guy who looks a lot like him]

9:38 PM Phil
There are many of those

He’s a good guy

9:39 PM Sassy
I know what to do with that hard thing…

What would you like most?

9:40 PM Phil
I’d like you to lick and suck and stroke to start with

Wrap your tits around it

9:43 PM Sassy
Mmmm… I’d like that

9:43 PM Phil
Can see that plain as day in my mind

9:43 PM Sassy
I’d make it a hard and wet thing

9:43 PM Phil
It’s already a hard and wet thing babe

9:44 PM Sassy
Wet with my juices.

9:44 PM Phil
Ooooh, climb aboard

Take it deep

Break out the toys and play Sass. Want to feel that buzz on my cock And balls and ass

9:49 PM Sassy
I can definitely do that!

9:50 PM Phil
Mmm, so hot

9:50 PM Sassy
Can you see it?

9:51 PM Phil

[photo of his erect cock in his hand while he’s sitting on a couch]

Oh Yeah

My cock buried deep, toy on your clit mmm

9:53 PM Sassy
Oh my!

9:53 PM Phil
Stroking to you babe

Told you it was hard and wet

9:54 PM Sassy
I believe you but it is always nice to see.

9:55 PM Phil
Where would you like my cum

9:55 PM Sassy
Tough choice… adore swallowing… adore inside!

9:56 PM Phil
Both then

Love filling your tight wet pussy

9:57 PM Sassy
Adore you filling me… mouth or down there!

9:57 PM Phil
Looking at your tits

9:58 PM Sassy
Bounce bounce
You must have quite a collection!

9:58 PM Phil
Love fucking your hot mouth too

Never enough

10:01 PM Sassy
I keep trying different angles…

10:02 PM Phil
I’ll want them all

10:02 PM Sassy
I was thinking of you taking photos of me.

getting me posed in wild ways and snapping


on a big rock at the beach

Touching my nipples so they poke up

10:04 PM Phil
That sounds like fun!

10:07 PM Sassy
Kinda wacky where my brain goes
Does things to my body!

10:07 PM Phil
I love it

10:08 PM Sassy
Can’t figure out why we didn’t do a bunch of photos every time

Too busy with other stuff, I suppose!

Next time!

10:10 PM Phil
Ha! Absolutely

10:13 PM Sassy
Photos of fun parts… in fun places

and inside me!

maybe some short videos?

Two more down shirt for your stash

10:17 PM Phil
Lovely! Videos, oh Yeah

[23-second video of him stroking]

Speaking of videos

10:18 PM Sassy
Mmmm… oh yes.
So so hot

10:21 PM Phil
Be hotter if I was cumming on your tits

10:22 PM Sassy
Yes indeed! But we do pretty well this way!

It would be grand if you were behind me pounding me into next week

10:23 PM Phil
Love doing that

10:23 PM Sassy
Holding my ass…. slamming in and out
watching me tremble
feeling my muscles squeeze you!

10:28 PM Phil
I remember, can visualize it like it was yesterday.
Spreading your ass, watching my cock disappear, and then watching you tremble and quiver with my cum deep inside you

10:31 PM Sassy
Oh yes… that was absolutely the best!
You made things happen!

10:31 PM Phil
We made that happen

10:33 PM Sassy
We did! I was pretty clueless at first but I caught on!

10:34 PM Phil
Ha! You knew what to do and it was fabulous

10:34 PM Sassy
Total hussy. Hee
You should get some sleep if you’re going to make the sunrise?

10:38 PM Phil
Good night sweet girl

10:39 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man!

Hot Tub Threesome

February 23, 2019 Saturday
8:09 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

8:10 AM Phil
Good Morning!

8:11 AM Sassy
Promise – no “massages” in FL. What a mess Bob Kraft is in!

8:14 AM Phil
Ha ha! I actually feel for the guy! 

Everyone knows about those places. 
Seems like the dude could have paid an escort or something smarter than a happy ending place!
8:16 AM Sassy
It is puzzling
Is it making news down there?

8:18 AM Phil
As a football fan, I belong to all of the Facebook fans groups so it was instantly splashed everywhere. They were not very sympathetic. I think he is a good guy that got caught in a bad situation

Never did get my jollies out of others discomfort

8:19 AM Sassy
5 of the top 10 read articles in the Boston globe

Including one about an endowed professor at Brandeis under Kraft’s name who studies sex slavery and in theory has to put his name on everything she does

8:21 AM Phil
I believe it. I don’t like his football team but I don’t wish any of them anything bad. It’s a shame that people are so giddy about the rich guy getting caught.

8:23 AM Sassy
It’s also partly because he’s a supporter of the President

8:23 AM Phil
oh nice. Those places really are all about sex slavery. They move those girls from place to place and there is nothing legal about the activities. They get busted in DC and Maryland all the time and there are always articles about them.

crazy times

8:24 AM Sassy
The police have been working that here too, in hotels

8:25 AM Phil
the oldest profession is still very much alive and well and the old Combat Zone was some kind of place

There are plenty of ways for consenting adults to hook up that are perfectly legal.

8:28 AM Sassy
Hope they didn’t snare a gaggle of military men

8:41 AM Phil
No actually, it tends to be truckers and business men. Apparently there were other high profile people picked up in that raid.

8:43 AM Sassy
Yeah, heard on the radio there are “bigger names” to be announced

8:48 AM Phil
geez, everyone wants to see the mighty fall. Just makes me sad. Work your entire life, considered to be a great all around guy and then fall into this mess. I see this every single day. Good people who didn’t do something they should have done or did something they should not have done and it costs them everything.. Some days it’s just depressing to see

8:49 AM Sassy
Have to hope it blows over I suppose, and the women get a better life
Though sports fans have long memories

9:40 AM Phil
Yep! Off on an adventure! Enjoy the day sweet girl 

[Kissing emoji with a heart]
4:41 PM Sassy
Reminds me of your hot tub

[photo of two men and a woman in a hot tub having sex]

5:01 PM Phil
Mmmmm, why thank you!

5:02 PM Sassy
You are most welcome!
Definitely sparked my imagination

5:04 PM Phil
Looks like great fun!

I love your imagination

 : )

5:08 PM Sassy
I was focusing on where your cock and his hands were

5:09 PM Phil
I like both!

5:10 PM Sassy
Nothing like a meaty sandwich

5:11 PM Phil
Never done that but sure looks like fun

5:12 PM Sassy
Heard it’s tricky but works if the men are friends

5:14 PM Phil
You would have to get in rhythm and you can’t be weird about touching the other guy.

5:16 PM Sassy
FB won’t let me paste the tumbler link…prudes

5:16 PM Phil

5:16 PM Sassy
It’s – 
couple4 fun . Tumblr. Com

Take out spaces.

   : )

5:17 PM Phil
I’ll look. Sounds like fun

Made me hard thinking about it.
Actually it was you thinking about it that got me hard

5:19 PM Sassy
That photo and my big silver bullet and thoughts of you sent me over the edge

Can’t decide if we planned it, or we were having fun and he stumbled in by accident

5:21 PM Phil
Ummmmm, I hoped you were playing.
Need to go do myself

I’ll dig up a photo of you, always works!

Glad I had some part

   : )

Found a quiet spot and some lotion

5:28 PM Sassy
Wish I could touch

5:31 PM Phil


Ariana Afghan in Allston

February 3, 2019 Sunday
7:03 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Have a super Super Bowl Sunday!

7:30 AM Phil
Good morning! You too.

8:24 AM Phil
Going to be a pretty day.

11:28 AM Sassy
Sunday breakfast – ham and cheese omelet with an English muffin with raspberry jam and an iced chai!

12:05 PM Sassy
You watching the game at home?
3:33 PM Phil
I am!

8:22 PM Sassy
Awesome Afghan dinner at Ariana Restaurant – Cuisine From Afghanistan in Allston

Aush noodle soup – with beef sauce and mint yogurt
Mashawa soup – Lamb, munge beans, chick peas, 
black-eyed peas and yogurt
Aushak Ravioli
filled with leeks and scallions with a garlic and mint yogurt sauce, 
topped with ground beef and mint
Fresh bread and sauces
Kaddo – pumpkin with garlic yogurt and beef
Mourg chicken kebab with spinach and rice
Okra sautéed with onions, fresh tomatoes, black pepper and garlic
Quabili with lamb, carrots, raisins and challow rice
Chappendaz grilled tenderloin with lentils and pallow rice
Cream pudding with fresh strawberries, 
pineapples, blueberries and kiwis
Phyllo pastry dough with walnuts, almonds, 
and pistachios with honey caramel.
The lovely dining room 
Another view on the dining room 

Feeling the blood rush

January 27, 2019 Sunday

5:22 PM Sassy
Baby otters! With Star Wars names!

Kansas City Zoo names otter pups after Star Wars trio — and Mark Hamill approves

Three otter pups, born last October, ventured out on exhibit for the first time Friday morning. The triplets, Han, Luke and Leia, named after Star Wars characters, got to know their new home under the watchful eye of their parents and three siblings. 
Three baby otters — Han, Luke and Leia — have made their public debut at the Kansas City Zoo, and as the official ‘Star Wars’ Twitter account said, these pups are “in for plenty of adventure.

Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article225117935.html?fbclid=IwAR2A2DWcUDD6Dy-dkXJTjIINYH6cttzOdQ09KXEqjk4BztGnILVB2Xm4gG8#storylink=cpy

Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article225117935.html?fbclid=IwAR2A2DWcUDD6Dy-dkXJTjIINYH6cttzOdQ09KXEqjk4BztGnILVB2Xm4gG8#storylink=cpy

Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article225117935.html?fbclid=IwAR2A2DWcUDD6Dy-dkXJTjIINYH6cttzOdQ09KXEqjk4BztGnILVB2Xm4gG8#storylink=cpy

7:01 PM Phil
Hope your Sunday was good!

7:02 PM Sassy
Very quiet… got lots done around home! You ?

7:03 PM Phil
Church, went to lunch with friends and church chili cook off.
Watching the pro bowl

7:03 PM Sassy

I got 3 loads of laundry done, including sheets and towels!
Waiting for Thai food to appear…

7:05 PM Phil

7:06 PM Sassy
Were you looking at my chest while out eating pizza yesterday?

7:06 PM Phil

7:06 PM Sassy

7:08 PM Phil
Sitting outside enjoying feeling the blood rush

7:11 PM Sassy

8:50 PM Sassy
I’d like to feel you…

9:40 PM Phil

Mary Poppins Returns

January 13, 2019 Sunday
8:17 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Beautiful snow at your house!

Nothing but 15 degrees here!

8:49 AM Phil
Good morning!

10:14 AM Sassy
Brazilian breakfast at Style Cafe

 Spinach and cheese omelet with sausage and Brazilian roll 
 Eggs sunny side up with sausage, cheese, beans and rice and pita 
 French toast with bananas and blueberries 
 Bacon and eggs and toast
 French toast with maple syrup
10:25 AM Sassy
We’re watching “Mary Poppins Returns” at Assembly Row.

2:40 PM Phil
How was the movie?

2:43 PM Sassy
Eh. My niece liked it.

You been out at all?

4:52 PM Phil
Shoveled the driveway, otherwise nope

5:08 PM Sassy

6:32 PM Phil
Watching football and looking at your titties


The Favourite

January 6, 2019 Sunday

10:41 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
I’m out for breakfast at Mamaleh’s Delicatessen in Kendall Square Cambridge

Pastrami breakfast sandwich
Whitefish salad plate with pumpernickel bagel
Whitefish salad plate with onion bagel for me
Apple crostada special
Blintzes with raspberry jam
Deli counter

10:42 AM Sassy
I’m watching The Favourite at Landmark’s Kendall Square Cinema!

4:47 PM Phil
Hope your Sunday is good! Watching football.

4:49 PM Sassy
You home or out? Good game? 
I had a delicious breakfast out, then a nice movie. Been quiet since then.

4:51 PM Phil
Hanging in the basement. 

Stepped out earlier but riding the exercise bike and watching the game now

5:49 PM Phil
Post workout smile.


[photo of his smiling face and sweatshirt inside on a coach]

5:55 PM Sassy
Hiya sexy!

5:55 PM Phil
Hey cute stuff

5:58 PM Sassy
You gonna watch the Golden Globes?

5:58 PM Phil
Of course
Always a good show

6:12 PM Sassy
This is one of the few nights a year when I wish I still had TV.
Looks like they may stream it online… I’ll try that

6:14 PM Phil
I enjoy my TV, not giving it up. 

I have my programs I enjoy, sports, entertainment. 
You should be able to stream it

6:17 PM Sassy
I’ve got it! FB Live for the win!

6:20 PM Phil

6:50 PM Sassy
I’m watching the Red Carpet

Lady Gaga looks normal. It’s freaky!

8:15 PM Sassy
Ah… the FB live thing was only for the Red Carpet. 

So I’ll have to follow along with the results online. 
No TV for me! *sigh

8:37 PM Phil

8:54 PM Sassy
I’m keeping at an eye on Twitter

Brunch and a movie

December 30, 2018 Sunday

8:28 AM Sassy
Sunday morning already! Mwah!

8:32 AM Phil
Good morning!

Last game of the season for my team. 

off to church, enjoy the day!

8:50 AM Sassy
Woohoo for football!

I’m off to brunch and a movie!

10:23 AM Sassy
Beautiful brunch at Bambera in the Marlowe Hotel

My Porridge with nuts, banana and dried fruit
Duck confit hash and eggs
Armenian breakfast sandwich
Banana bread and butter

1:13 PM Sassy
Watching “On The Basis of Sex” about Ruth Bader Ginsberg at the Kendall Square Cinema

2:58 PM Phil
Hope you had fun!

Eggs Maryland

December 9, 2018 Sunday

12:20 PM Sassy
Eggs Maryland at S&S Deli in Cambridge!  Think Eggs Benedict minus the ham plus a shrimp and crab cake!

4:27 PM Sassy
Wow! Snow for you! Supposed to get much?

4:29 PM Phil
Who knows? Inch or two maybe. Pretty though

4:29 PM Sassy
Our weekend guests are gone, can finally relax!

4:35 PM Phil

My team won, Pats lost, great weekend!

4:36 PM Sassy

4:41 PM Phil

Hold his hand

October 7, 2018 Sunday
1:05 PM Sassy
Hiya kid! Watching the football?
1:06 PM Phil
Hey there! Sure am
1:17 PM Sassy
We’re waiting to watch the new “Doctor Who” premiere with the first female doctor.
It starts at 1:45 pm

Hubby figured out this new Sling thing, where you can get cable channels for cheap streaming online!

1:18 PM Phil
Ahhh, enjoy!
1:19 PM Sassy
You alone?
1:19 PM Phil
1:21 PM Sassy
Got beers? snacks?
1:22 PM Phil
Got beer. Avoid snacks unless it’s veggies
1:22 PM Sassy
1:23 PM Phil
Inside with the AC
It’s a little sticky out for them
1:27 PM Sassy
It’s rather warm and humid here too.

Remember The Big Fish? The guy I met who works where I do?
He emailed to tell me he’s got Stage IV cancer. *sigh

1:28 PM Phil
Oh my, sorry the hear that
Fucking suck ass disease
1:29 PM Sassy
I offered to help… hope he’ll let me somehow.
1:30 PM Phil
I hope he does
1:31 PM Sassy
We never did much… but kept talking.
Hope my experiences could help.
He was supposed to have a hip replacement but instead they found cancer. So he’s not only in treatment, he still can’t walk. Ugh.
It sounded like he thought it would make me run away but you know me… makes me want to run there and hold his hand.
1:34 PM Phil
Oh geez. Bad to worse
Whatever comfort you can provide will be appreciated, I’m sure
1:36 PM Sassy
You were so good to me when I was ill.
My body was crap but you kept my mind in fabulous shape!
1:37 PM Phil
It costs nothing to care and be good to people.
Easier when you already cared
1:39 PM Sassy
You have off tomorrow?
1:48 PM Phil
I do!
2:21 PM Phil
How bout you? my team playing well today!
2:22 PM Sassy
Yes, got the holiday off. Yay!
2:23 PM Phil

6:35 PM Sassy
Ordered delivery from Beantown Taqueria – their beef nachos and pozole soup are so tasty!