Eighth Blogiversary

Dear Readers,  

Same Sassy Girl is passing a major milestone today – EIGHT YEARS of blogging.  Wow!  Time to celebrate!  Have a cupcake!  I got one for you! You can have some hugs with groping and… mmm… what was I talking about?  Oh yes!  EIGHT YEARS!  YIKES!

  • Over 415,000 hits in those 8 years  
  • Over 37,000 hits this year
  • This is my 4,837th post!  
  • Whee!
Some days eight years ago seems like forever – I have come so far, learned so much, seen so many bloggers cum and go.  Other times it still feels so shiny and new. How can it be eight years?!  If you haven’t read about my humble beginning, please click “The Start” above and read about how I reconnected with my old flame and started on the road to Sassy-ness!  

I had no idea when I started this blog experiment I’d reveal all this crap strange and wonderful stuff.  I just wanted a seat at the table with the likes of Riff Dawg, Ryan Beaumont, Advizor54, Kat, Holly or Ms. I.  I figured I’d write for a month or two, tell people about Philip and me and then stop, like you do when you write a book.

Every post is still tough – I think… “can I do this?” I am half-excited and half-terrified every time I hit “Publish,” but telling my story seems worth it – remembering, recording, trying to make sense of it and sharing it.  I work so hard to entertain Philip and keep the connection open.  And I’ve met the good, bad and ugly men from AM… have to tell you all about it!  I keep wondering how my story will turn out, but it’s still happening… and I hope still interesting to you!

I am astonished I have kept the blog a secret. It is strange not to share what I consider a major accomplishment with my real life friends and family, and to share so many feelings with you and none of the usual facts!   There are many of you I trust, but it’s simpler to stay anonymous.

This blog led me to so many fantastic blogs and the wonderful people who write them!  Be sure to check out my blog roll on the right.  I’ve learned so much about life, love, great sex, and myself from them.  I’ve connected with so many wonderful bloggers and other readers.  I hope you’ll join with me in hoping we all keep sharing for a long time!  In these strange days, the personal sexy stories are such a marvelous distraction from the world’s ills.

The best part, which I didn’t know about when I started writing, is the blogger community online. I am so happy to be part of it!  Where else can you talk with the likes of supportive and sensual Naughty Kitty?  And the amazing adventures of James from Break Out!  Or Suzy from Adventures of a Happy Hotwife!!  or the uber-sexy smart stud Advizor54 with his Free Advice is worth what you pay for it!!!

I’m still writing! And you are still reading!  Wow!!!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Your comments and emails make my day!

If you have a story to tell, join me!  Start blogging today!  Google’s Blogger is mostly easy and there are lots of us to help you get your words out there.  This could be your blogiversary next year!

Hugs with groping!