Hand job chat

December 4, 2016 Sunday
7:59PM Phil
8:10PM Sassy
I could do that.  : )
8:16PM Phil
I would let you ; )
Looked like fun
8:19PM Sassy
For awhile….
Couldn’t keep my mouth off you forever.
8:20 PM Phil
Like that too!
8:21PM Sassy
Licking is so fun
8:21PM Phil
A lot
Feels so good
8:22PM Sassy
Sucking… deep in… fast out… in again
8:23PM Phil
Love hitting your throat
8:23PM Sassy
Mmmm… wet… hot… tight…
8:24PM Phil
Mind blowing
8:26PM Sassy
Swallowing around you
Stroking those balls
8:27PM Phil
Damn Sass, that’s hot
8:28PM Sassy
You inspire me
Can you imagine?
Feel it… down there?
8:29PM Phil
Oh yeah
8:29PM Sassy
It makes me tingle
8:29PM Phil
I’ve made you tingle before
8:30PM Sassy
Several times… when I was with you… and in my memories
8:31PM Phil
8:33PM Sassy
8:33 PM Phil
You liked my balls slapping your clit as my cock slid deep inside you
I love it!
8:34PM Sassy
Hee hee… naughty Sassy
8:34PM Phil
I like the naughty S
8:35PM Sassy
She definitely has her moments…
I really like that tumblr… gonna look at later with my bullet.
8:36PM Phil
I liked it too
8:36PM Sassy
and think about me doing you the way they do.
8:36PM Phil
Damn babe
8:36PM Sassy
tumblr is so… handy
8:37PM Phil
8:37PM Sassy
Maybe I’ll see something new… I can test it out on you
8:37PM Phil
[he posted a photo on his Facebook wall of his dog on his lap]
8:37PM Sassy
That is the cutest dog ever… you know that right?
8:38PM Phil
Yeah he sure is. I’ve never met a more laid back pooch
8:38PM Sassy
Though I am envious…
I want to sit on your lap
and snuggle in your bed!
8:38PM Phil
He spends a lot of time doing both
8:39PM Sassy
You could take me for a walk. : )
8:40PM Phil
Dark as hell here, you could do anything you wanted
8:41PM Sassy
Mmmm… doggy style….
Geez… I can’t stay on topic… so many delicious options with you!
8:44PM Phil
Deep and hard until you feel hot cum shooting inside you, deep inside you
Hot hot hot
Didn’t take long for that happen on the base or at your place
8:49PM Sassy
We made the best of the time we have!
8:50PM Phil
Ha!  I think I stunned you when I yanked your pants off and stuck my tongue inside you. Don’t believe that’s what you expected
8:51PM Sassy
I had just decided you weren’t interested in me…. Heh
8:51PM Phil
Wined and dined and ravished
8:52PM Sassy
You do know how to show a naughty lady a good time!
8:53PM Phil
I try
8:54PM Sassy
Did I suck on you that trip?  
I have a vague memory of you sitting in a chair… me below you?
And maybe something on the bed, cross wise… mmmm
8:55PM Phil
You did suck me on the bed
8:57PM Sassy
I don’t think I took you all the way then… 
think that happened at my place in December… gosh… 6 years ago… wow
We were cross ways then too!
In and out of my mouth… oh mmm
8:59PM Phil
That’s correct, that was in your bed
Then we had lobster
9:00PM Sassy
You tasted better
Oof… that memory makes me so wet!
I want more of that.
9:04PM Phil
Loved cumming in your mouth
9:06PM Sassy
Felt so good.  You are tasty!
9:07PM Phil
Ummmm, so are you. I licked every bit of you off my fingers at the airport
9:07PM Sassy
The smile on your face was really something
9:10PM Phil
Nothing like it
9:14PM Sassy
Mmmmpf… I get lost thinking about you touching me…
9:15PM Phil
Everywhere. Hands sliding under your shirt
9:17PM Sassy
You have very talented hands
9:18PM Phil
You have talented everything
9:19PM Sassy
Awwww… you betcha!
Something about you… makes me want to put everything I know to good use.  And learn more…
9:23PM Phil
I like it!
9:34PM Sassy
Did you cum somewhere along in here?
9:40PM Phil
I may have 😛 
sweet dreams sexy girl
Hope you do too
9:42PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man.  And thanks again for the Tumblr…yum
9:43PM Phil
XXoo  <3

Define naughty

December 3, 2016 Saturday
8:21AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Mwah!
8:29AM Phil
Good morning cutie. 
Finished at the gym and grabbing coffee at Panera. 
Have a great day!
8:36AM Sassy
Have you heard of the Richmond Grand Illumination?  A pal was live from there last night and the lights were spectacular!  Might be worth a drive. 

2:49PM Phil
No I never have
2:53PM Sassy
Stuff on the internet talks about last night but surely they must leave the lights up all month?
Downtown Richmond Grand Illumination is tonight
Grand Illumination will be held Friday, Dec. 2 from 5:55 p.m. to 7 p.m.
You could follow the tacky bus around… : )
Tacky Light bus tour tickets for $29 from James River – James River Transportation is also offering individual tickets on their Tacky Light tours this year for $29 per person.
3:38PM Phil

4:05PM Sassy


December 2, 2016 Friday

7:13AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!
9:37AM Phil
Woo Hoo! You too!
9:39AM Sassy
I’m back at work slogging through payroll.
9:41AM Phil
Enjoy! I’m doing reports and loving it. Bring it on!

On the mend

December 1, 2016 Thursday

7:00AM Sassy
Good morning Philip
7:13AM Phil
Good morning! Just another fun filled day!
7:14AM Sassy
Home sick again. But definitely on the mend.
7:17AM Phil
Rode in with sneezy, sniffles and sir coughs a lot. For the life of me don’t understand why people don’t stay home until they are well.
7:18AM Sassy
Ugh…I hate that.  My new boss is like that.  Bleh.
Especially these days where you can do so much at home and not infect anyone! 


Braless Only

November 30, 2016 Wednesday

1:45PM Phil
Good morning! How you doing?

1:45PM Sassy
I’m home sick.. but on the upswing I think!

1:46PM Phil
Yuk! Glad to hear that you are on the upswing. 

Been freaking busy!

1:46PM Sassy
Work stuff?

2:28PM Phil
Yup and church. 

It’s end of the year committee stuff. 
Still have no idea how I got roped into that.

3:18PM Sassy
You’re a good guy.

3:34PM Phil
Sucker is the term I believe

6:45PM Sassy
Here’s another beautiful version of the Christmas carol – on hammered dulcimer with Ted Yoder.

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen


7:03PM Sassy
Here’s a reward.

9:01PM Sassy
Great remarks by Marty Baron, the best editor of our time, made famous by the “Spotlight” movie. He has a wonderful sense of humor to get across the rallying cry for these troubled days.

Washington Post Editor Has A Message to Journalists

Marty Baron in The Washington Post newsroom, February 2013
by Stephen Voss/Redux

10:11PM Phil
Lovely! Thank you!

10:20PM Sassy
You are most welcome.

Mermaids Inside

November 29, 2016 Tuesday
8:28AM Sassy
Good morning!

[photo of me at my desk at work]

8:45PM Sassy
from Ravenous Butterflies Facebook page
“there are people all over the world who carry the mermaid inside them, that otherworldly beauty and longing and desire that made her reach for heaven when she lived in the darkness of the sea.” 
Carolyn Turgeon

Ilya Repin – Sadko in the a Underwater Kingdom 1872 
(It depicts Sadko in the Sea Tsar’s kingdom, chosing a new wife from amongst the Tsar’s maidens).

Holiday Fair success

November 27, 2016 Sunday
1:10PM Sassy
Went to the Holiday Fair at the Armory in Somerville – found great presents from local artists!

2:50PM Sassy
Late lunch at Outback Steakhouse on Assembly Row in Somerville.

 Steak and fried shrimp special 
 Grilled Shrimp 
 Hubby’s steak salad 
Dessert – salted caramel cookie skillet with 
white chocolate bits, almond toffee, pretzels and vanilla ice cream. 
Warm and wonderful!

Truck caught tweaking

November 26, 2017 Saturday
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:19 PM
Hey ‘show’ girl…
11/26/16 at 1:20 PM
Hiya! How’s my favorite truck man today?
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:21 PM
Ha! Doing well girly girl. Yard work a bit chilly
Any naughtiness for the weekend?
11/26/16 at 1:23 PM
Mr Truck 
11/26/16 at 1:23 PM
Cold day for panty or no panty flashing
11/26/16 at 1:24 PM
Ha ha
We’re off for Chinese food and a movie.
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:25 PM
But great for indoor exploration, pink pussy exploration…
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:25 PM
Have fun!
11/26/16 at 1:26 PM
I’d rather be canoodling with you!
Mr Truck
11/26/16 1:28 PM
Yeah I’d rather be slowly rubbing my hand on your panty crotch, seeing how long til a wet spot appeared…
11/26/16 at 1:29 PM
I’d touch you
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:30 PM 
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:31 PM
I’d take a long time. Before I’d pull the panty to the side…
Revealing naughty pouty lips…
11/26/16 at 1:31 PM
Your nipple probably needs attention
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:32 PM
Oh god sooooo need attention, soooo bad
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:33 PM
I find myself touching them all the time, often getting caught
11/26/16 at 1:33 PM
Mr Truck 
11/26/16 at 1:35 PM
Yes, while waiting in a parking lot, I hadn’t noticed a woman in a car close to me, glancing over
11/26/16 at 1:35 PM
Oh that sounds fun
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:36 PM
I was embarrassed….at first
11/26/16 at 1:36 PM
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:38 PM
Must have
Felt warm for sure
Mr Truck
11/26/16 at 1:40 PM
I can imagine how much you’ll be blushing when you spread your lips for the camera

Delightful dim sum

November 26, 2016 Saturday

8:32AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

8:53AM Phil
Good morning! 

Clearing out a storage unit today
saving $150 a month!

8:53AM Sassy

3:16PM Sassy

Delightful dim sum at Mary Chung’s in Central Square Cambridge

 Today’s specials and Tom
  My suan la chow show
 Egg rolls and crab rangoon
Small pork steamer buns with ginger soy sauce
Hubby’s beef teriyaki 
6:08PM Sassy
Back at the fancy theater – seeing “Doctor Strange.”  I can stare at Benedict Cumberbatch on and on… 
9:23PM Sassy

Post-movie dinner at Outback Steakhouse on Assembly Row in Somerville

Hubby’s steak salad
Baked potato soup
Crab cakes appetizer with Apple slaw and spicy remolade
Salted caramel cheesecake