Two events day

October 24, 2017 Tuesday

7:59 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  
Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday!
9:41 AM Phil
Good morning! Back at work, ugh…. but having a good day
I’m running an all staff lunch and another big reception this afternoon.  Whee!
12:09 PM Phil
Have fun!

New Manager

October 22, 2017 Sunday

11:33 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
Out at the Thirsty Scholar Pub!  Eating a full Irish breakfast!

4:23 PM Sassy
Red Sox Name Alex Cora Manager

6:28 PM Sassy
Mexican dinner at Painted Burro in Davis Square Somerville

My street corn, shrimp taco and rice
Street cart chicken and rice
Chicken enchiladas
Chicken quesadilla and grilled shrimp

Wry Not Goodbye

October 21, 2017 Saturday

from: Sassy
to: WrySmile 
date: Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 5:51 PM
subject: Re: goodbye

Hiya! Hope you got out to enjoy this beautiful day!

Please don’t take it personally that I have not been back in touch! I honestly meant to, but the past month has been a nightmare in three directions! My boss tortured me even more than usual, my project group was oddly busy, and my husband had a major nearly-suicidal episode! So, it was me and not you, dear man. I did not want to impose any of that crap on you, and barely had the energy to deal with that mess much less getting to know someone new.

I think often of our afternoon stroll and smile. You were so much fun to talk and walk with! 

However, I got the impression that I am not what you are looking for… I don’t look the way you want a woman in your arms to look, and the anal sex videos or having your cock in my ass is not a turn on, so I don’t want to waste your time. You deserve to have your sexy dreams come true with someone who is into your idea of fun and has a body that rocks your world! I wish you every success in finding her!



from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 11:17 PM
subject: Not goodbye


I’m glad you responded.

What a horrible time. How is your husband now? And how well are you handling the aftermath? (I’m sorry for the pop psychology, but…) Please remember that the events were traumatic for you too and remember to take care of yourself. If it would help to talk to me – to vent, to get things off your chest, to cry to, for whatever reason, please let me know. I’m a good listener.

No, I do not want to have sex with you, anal or otherwise. But you’re a good person and I think you are fun and interesting to talk with. I’d really like to have more conversations and become friends. Not friends with benefits, but the friendship between two people who enjoy and respect each other. Everything I’ve written to you since our meeting I’ve written purely as a friend. Even the erotic stories were sent to you out of friendship, and not as a prologue to sex.

Does your crazy, busy life have room for a male friend you’re not having sex with? If so, let’s have lunch or tea or ice cream or a phone call and continue our conversation. If not, please say so and I’ll stop trying to keep in touch.

I hope your life is improving and will continue to improve. I’d like to play a small part in that.


Throbbing inside

October 21, 2017 Saturday
8:45 PM Phil
Back home. 
Off to our hometown on Thursday. 
Hope you had a great day!
8:47 PM Sassy
Yay!  I’m vegging at home after a wacky day of 4 community project meetings in 4.5 hours earlier today.
It’s been a terrible week with work, projects and Hubby imploding in bad directions, but I hope the worst is over.
8:53 PM Phil
Oh boy! Thinking positive thoughts
9:00 PM Sassy
Thanks kid.
9:01 PM Phil
[Photo of him sitting in front of his fireplace at home toasting the camera with a scotch and cigar]
9:04 PM Sassy
Mmm…you drive all day?
9:08 PM Phil
Yup. Long day.
9:10 AM Sassy
Did the folks from our hometown get there?
9:17 PM Phil
Oh yeah, had a blast with them! My classmate is the same, she’s a hoot and her husband and I didn’t skip a beat
9:18 PM Sassy
A college gal who lives in Ft Lauderdale was there too.
9:23 PM Phil
[photo of trees and a tower]
This is the Tower of terror from our room. 
The lady with us said it looked like a giant erect cock
[Photo of fireworks over the water]
9:25 PM Phil
The view from our balcony last night while swigging champagne
9:27 PM Sassy
Wow!  That’s spectacular!
9:31 PM Phil
It was fabulous
9:40 PM Phil

[photo of a woman sucking a cock with cum dripping down]
9:59 PM Sassy
[image of a man sucking on a woman’s pussy]
sxylusty: “💦 ” What I want for my birthday.
10:03 PM Phil
[photo of his cock in his hand]
I like it!
10:07 PM Sassy
Oh my… talk about yummy!
10:13 PM Phil
Open up ;0 
10:18 PM Sassy
Would love to!
10:32 PM Phil
[photo of my right nipple and breast]
Think I’ll cum right here
10:33 PM Sassy
Yes please!
10:34 PM Phil
That nipple would look great all shiny and wet covered in cum
[photo of his cock in his hand with a bit of pre-cum on the tip]
10:39 PM Sassy
Oh yes…
And you could take a photo.  🙂 
10:40 PM Phil
Would love to have that pic
10:41 PM Sassy
There is one from someone else… did I share it?
It’s happened exactly once…
10:45 PM Phil
I saw that one, very hot. 
If I get the opportunity I’ll fuck those beautiful tits and cover them with cum

10:46 PMSassy
When you’re in our hometown, “go out for milk” and meet me somewhere? ; )
Something fun to think about, anyway…
10:48 PM Phil
That would be you milking me
10:49 PM Sassy
I want you. Argh…
Throbbing inside… ah… what you can make happen!
10:51 PM Phil
I like that
I love thinking about your pussy being wet and a finger slipping down to rub your clit
I’ll get up that way again and instead of me tasting you, you could taste me
A hot shower, lots of soap and rubbing and if you lick mine, I’ll lick yours
10:57 PM Sassy
10:59 PM Phil
You stick your tongue in my ass, I’ll stick mine in yours, you lick my cock, I’ll lick your pussy. I’d love to lay back and have you suck my cock as you slipped a finger or toy inside me. Oh man!
11:00 PM Sassy
You are full of good ideas tonight!
11:00 PM Phil
Your call where I cum
Then we can have lobster
11:02 PM Sassy
Everywhere.  🙂
You know what I like!
11:05 PM Phil
I know you like it when I shoot a big load in your tight pussy and I know you like it in your mouth, I know you would enjoy me coming on your tits
At least I think you liked feeling me shoot deep inside you
11:08 PM Sassy
You know it.
11:21 PM Sassy
Wow… what a baseball game!
11:36 PM Phil
Yeah, disappointed but Houston is a hell of a team
11:37 PM Sassy
Would be fun if they could pep up that city after all the hurricane mess.
11:37 PM Phil
Yeah, I’m rooting for them
11:37 PM Sassy
I feel bad for the TV folks though… those two markets are not baseball towns.
11:38 PM Phil
LA is
11:38 PM Sassy
There were seats available in both stadiums for the ACLS!
11:38 PM Phil
None avail in Yankee Stadium. Those were sell outs
11:38 PM Sassy
I meant LA and Houston
11:39 PM Phil
I know
11:39 PM Sassy
Ah well… hope there will be good baseball to watch!
11:39 PM Phil
The regular fans won’t be able to get seats for the series
Hope it’s a good series
11:40 PM Sassy
You heading to bed?
You must be beat!
11:40 PM Phil
I’m tired but I’d sleep better with a blow job ;P
11:40 PM Sassy
I hear ya
Hubby has been sticking to me like glue… no time to play alone this week.  Sigh
11:42 PM Phil
Aww, that sucks
11:43 PM Sassy
Might get a chance tomorrow… I’ll need it after teasing with you tonight!
Thinking about me licking you.
11:44 PM Phil
Hope I created a little distraction and moisture
If you get a chance, I’ll play too
11:46 PM Sassy
Will definitely keep you in mind, whether you are there or not.  ; )
11:47 PM Phil
nite babe, sweet dreams  XXoo
11:49 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man

New phone

October 20, 2017 Friday

9:42 AM Phil
Hey lady! Hope your day is marvelous!
9:32 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
11:52 AM Phil
12:31 PM Sassy
You having fun?
5:05 PM Sassy
Got a new phone.  Setting it up now.  Samsung J7 Prime.  Whee.
5:05 PM Phil
Oh yeah
5:06 PM Sassy
Hubby’s phone bricked and it was going to be 10 days to get new phone from Google, so I moved us both back to T-Mobile.
5:27 PM Phil
Cool! The dinner view
[Two photos – a fancy grill with chefs and a lake view]

5:37 PM Sassy
That’s gorgeous
5:40 PM Phil
So pretty! You are talking about the meat, right?
5:41 PM Sassy
I was looking at the lake this time
5:41 PM Phil
Oh yeah, that’s pretty too
5:45 PM Sassy
Do you have on flip flops?
5:45 PM Phil
[photo of the beautiful view out over the water]
Literally looking out the window at dinner. A little hard to take
5:45 PM Sassy
5:49 PM Phil
Coconut bread pudding with vanilla ice cream smothered in whiskey sauce for desert! Woooo
5:53 PM Sassy
Yum yum yum yum! 

Getting by

October 17, 2017 Tuesday

8:05 AM Sassy
Hope you’re warm and happy!  It’s 41 here.
8:22 PM Phil
[photo of palm trees in the sand and a lagoon]
Getting by
8:23 AM Sassy
Wow!  So pretty!
8:25 AM Phil

6:33 PM Sassy
More grilled corn at Lone Star Taco Bar!