July 27, 2018 Friday

7:02 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!
Headed to another 5 hour retirement seminar!

7:20 AM Phil
I have no tips since I have failed miserably at retirement. Another five years for me.

7:23 AM Sassy
I was thinking about the last months in a job, how to go out in style, ease the transition for them, prep so the new person can take over etc

7:35 AM Sassy
I haven’t left a job on my own terms since 1985!

8:52 AM Phil
I am having to prep for turnover as well. So much to do

1:10 PM Sassy

I split the transition into five goals:
1) Increased documentation of tasks and timelines,
2) clean up paper archives,
3) cross-train colleagues,
4) discuss revision of job description and
5) Get electronic documents where they belong (get personal stuff off work computers, get work stuff off home computer to work computer)

2:34 PM Phil
I need to do all of those as well, but need the pace to slow enough so I have a hope of getting to even one

2:36 PM Sassy
I hear you. I have 10 months and still not sure if I will get it done

7:44 PM Sassy
Tasty American dinner at The Ninety-Nine in Somerville

Hubby’s surf and turf – a special this weekend – steak, shrimp
 and scallops with rice
My fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn
8:56 PM Sassy
How about them Red Sox?! Pitcher Chris Sale breaks the record for least innings pitched to get 200 strike-outs this year! He is in such a groove!

Sale fastest in AL history to 200-K plateau

The Red Sox hurler hit the 200-strikeout mark in 136 innings, faster than any MLB pitcher this season and also faster than any other pitcher in AL history.

AP Images

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