Dim sum delights

July 30, 2018 Monday

7:32 AM Sassy
Good Monday! Hope you have an excellent day!
I’m off work, getting things done at home, having dinner with Sneezy!

8:42 AM Phil
Good morning!
I am also off but doing some work. Cloudy day so far

10:48 AM

10:48 PM Sassy
No Sneezy. He just bagged. Bleh.
Have to make my own fun!

11:18 AM Sassy
The Bangor Police had fun with Marilyn Mason last night

1:02 PM Phil
Awww, another old friend gone. 63, so young.
Hate watching them go. We all lived a tough but fun life.

1:07 PM Sassy
Oh that is sad. Military guy?

1:08 PM Phil
Yeah, served with him and great guy. Cancer strikes again.

1:09 PM Sassy
Cancer sucks.

1:12 PM Phil
Yea, it sure does.
My uncle has a tumor in his brain that they can’t do anything with, my pooch has tumor that they can’t get to even for a biopsy. We just wait and hope for the best.

1:13 PM Sassy
Oh dear…so sorry to hear that

1:39 PM Phil
Praying for the best on all fronts.

1:41 PM Sassy
In better news, my pal who has been out of work since April got a job offer today!

6:12 PM Sassy
Have you heard of Raglan Road at Disney?
It’s an Irish pub place to eat that a friend is touting

8:13 PM Phil
Yeah we go all the time. It’s a Disney Springs. Fun place.

8:49 PM Sassy
Sounded like your sort of spot!

8:53 PM Phil
Oh yeah! Great music, great drinks, great food, good fun

9:13 PM Sassy
Dim sum dinner – Chinese delights at PF Chang in the CambridgeSide Galleria

Dynamite shrimp
Egg rolls, crab wontons and pork dumplings
Kung pao chicken
Surf & turf – fried shrimp, lobster and beef with asparagus
Chili-garlic green beans side
Hot and sour soup

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