Strap-on saga

June 29, 2017 Thursday
From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck
Date: Jun 25, 2017 at 10:06 PM
Subject: well again
Hiya hot stuff!  How was your weekend?  Hope you got to enjoy the glorious weather!  Hubby and I went up to Essex and had dinner along the river – a perfect evening for it. 
I am finally feeling better and catching up on my life.  I could tell I was really recovering yesterday when I got into tumblr.  😉   They are kinda ticking me off… making people be logged in to tumblr before they can see a hot link!  Grrr!  
Seen anything hot you can share?  I need some inspiration. 
Keep misbehaving! 
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
Date: Jun 29, 2017 at 1:40 PM
Re: well again
Sounds like you’re back among the living and among the horny! Essex is great. Sex in Essex is even better!
I remember once you were looking for some video of guys getting fucked by their strap on girlfriends. This is pretty good, not great, but maybe it will help you discover a better one:
He is bent over lubed and pegged by red headed babe
Would you want to do some of these things to/with me?

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