Sumptous Szechuan

December 30, 2016 Friday
5:38PM Sassy
A sumptuous Szechuan supper at Sichuan Garden in Woburn
Hot and sour soup
My umbrella with a Shirley Temple
Pork fried dumplings
Salt and pepper prawns
Hubby’s pork with spicy garlic sauce and fried rice
Dining room to ourselves

8:03PM Sassy

Quiz: How much of an asshole are you?

Wow…I need to act out more on FB?  I only got 9%!  Ha ha…

You are (virtually) a saint.  You certainly have your weak moments, just like anyone else, but generally, you are clearly a morally superior being  Let’s hope tht your loved ones appreciate your true value and don’t abuse your kindness.  

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