Gloucester ho

July 11, 2016 Monday

12:12PM Sassy
Good morning!

1:40PM Phil
Good afternoon!

1:41PM Sassy
How are you this fine Monday?

2:00PM Phil
Tired, love my day

2:18PM Sassy
How come?

2:21PM Phil
Training, and a lot to do. Monday is supposed to be my day off but I can’t pull that off

2:47PM Sassy
Training new coworkers?  Or you learning?

I’m going to the beach!  Gloucester ho!

4:20PM Phil

4:54PM Sassy
Gloucester inlet at high tide and Nichols Candy House

Gloucester inlet
Grass in the parking lot 
The houseboat!
The chocolate kitchen
5:02PM Sassy
Lobsta Land late lunch!
Just off the highway! 
The marsh (the view from our table)
Lobster chowder
Coconut shrimp appetizer
Hubby’s BLT and fries
My paella- mussels, clams, salmon, shrimp, kielbasa and lobster 
in the most delicious broth with peas and rice. So so tasty!
6:38PM Sassy
A perfect evening at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester
Bass Rocks Road
The tidal pool with the beach beyond
Red berries 
Beach roses
The bridge to the beach
Shadow Sassy
Twin lights 
High tide 
Nesting area
Salt Island. 
Note the gaggle of surfers in wet suits in the ocean
Beach volleyball bros
Bye bye beach
Herons and a cormorant! Wowsers

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