A wild animal

August 19, 2016 Friday

8:07AM Sassy
Good morning kid.  Happy Friday!
8:09AM Phil
Good morning!
8:10AM Sassy
Thanks for the pix…so hot!  
I fell asleep early again.  Work is eating my brain.
8:11AM Phil
You need a vacation
8:12AM Sassy
You enjoying it?
8:35AM Phil
We stay on the property in these magnificent Vacation Club properties so it’s delightful and I really enjoy the shows and the food and the parks
8:37AM Sassy
8:48AM Phil
[photo of a kitchen]
8:50AM Sassy
Looks like a luxury condo
8:32PM Sassy
Those are quite some wild animals you posted on your wall!

8:37PM Sassy
The dynamic skating duo trying another sport. 
These Olympics fluff pieces are so silly!
Hee hee
9:19PM Phil
Pretty cool!
9:22AM Sassy
I’d like you to be a wild animal with me
9:23PM Phil
I have a trunk

9:23PM Sassy
Greats paws
9:30PM Phil
And a long, darting tongue

9:30PM Sassy
Oooh… here’s something to lick
9:36PM Phil
I like it!
I see a leg kicked to the side as well
9:41PM Sassy
Was playing
9:43PM Phil
I can tell  ;P
9:58PM Sassy
You playing?
9:59PM Phil
I wish, watching football
10:01PM Sassy
Good game?
10:01PM Phil
So far, gonna go soak in the tub
10:10PM Sassy
11:51PM Phil
Returning the favor
[photo of his cock sticking out of his shorts]

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