Anniversary wish

October 26, 2016 Wednesday

9:31AM Sassy
Anniversary breakfast delivered from the Neighborhood Restaurant.  Hubby got the Cream of Wheat he adores. 

2:22PM Phil
Happy Anniversary!

2:26PM Sassy
Thank you!  Getting lots done today.  Fancy dinner out later.

5:02PM Sassy
The guys are here installing NetBlazr, our new internet service.  It is SOOO FAST! Very soon… no more Comcast.

6:13PM Sassy
We voted early for the first time!

7:48PM Sassy
Anniversary dinner at Helmand, the Afghani restaurant in Cambridge

Bread baked in their fired oven with 3 sauces and butter
Aush noodle soup
Kaddo – pumpkin, yogurt and ground beef. 
The stuff dreams are made of
Aushak – ravioli with good stuff
Hubby’s mushawa soup
The smallest iced tea glass ever, with no way to stir in the Splenda
Qalbalee – rice, raisins, carrots and lamb
Koufta challow – spicy beef meatballs over rice
Fereeny – custard with fresh fruit
Hubby’s bucklawa

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