Sassy Answers: Movie Kisses #1

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It’s time for Sassy Answers when I take a little break from my writing about my sexy adventures to answer a question from a reader.  A friendly blog reader asked about my favorite movies, and what kind of movies I like.  That’s a tough question!  The most specific answer I can give is that I like movies with kissing.  🙂

This got me thinking about my favorite movie kisses.  I went looking for YouTube clips of them.  And it turns out there are about 30 of them, so I will share one with you every day in June!  There is a wide range.  These clips make me tingle every time I see them!  Enjoy!

If you are just joining in, you can click on the tag “movie kisses” on the lower right to scroll through all the past posts!

Movie #1: Bull Durham
Year: 1988
Clip length: 1 minute
Kissers (Actors): Susan Sarandon & Kevin Costner

  Bull Durham (12/12) Movie CLIP – Kitchen Love (1988) HD


Let me know what you think? Share your favorites? Join me tomorrow for another Sassy Movie Kiss!  Mwah!

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